Our Values

The University Honors Program at Northeastern holds the following values to be crucial components of the Honors experience:

  • Networked Communities: Honors students immediately begin their undergraduate journey as a part of the Honors community. They will then build layered connections within and beyond that network as they join other communities through the Honors Living Learning Communities, the Honors Alumni Mentoring Network, and their respective disciplines. It is through Honors that our students will grow a complex network of connections and support that will last a lifetime.
  • Personalized Growth Through Guidance and Support: Honors at Northeastern exemplifies our belief in personalized learning journeys. We take this a step further in Honors, as we curate and customize possibilities, while enabling our students be the architect of their path. Honors Academic Advising acts as the cornerstone in this effort, guiding students through one-on-one conversations grounded in developmental and reflective dialogue.
Honors Leadership

Honors students participating in a comprehensive leadership workshop, led by Professor of Theatre Antonio Ocampo-Guzman. By exploring and practicing spatial awareness, physical presence, mental agility, status, adaptability, risk taking, intuition, and teamwork, students learn strategies for effectively presenting themselves to others under a variety of circumstances. As a result, students exude greater confidence in their ability to command the attention and energize their peers, employers, and community members and lead change.