Honors Staff & Faculty


Laurie Kramer (Ph.D.), Director and Professor

Sheryl O’Brien (M.Ed.), Senior Associate Director

Shannon Pittman (M.Ed.), Associate Director

Justin Silvestri (M.A), Assistant Director

Barbie Papalios, (M.Ed.) Academic Advisor

Jenna Thrash (M.A.), Academic Advisor

Matthew Kilduff (M.S.), Academic Advisor

Meghan Clapp (M.S.) Administrative Specialist

Michael Patrick MacDonald, Honors Professor of the Practice

Tom Vicino (Ph.D.), Honors Faculty-In-Residence

Michael Hoppman (Ph.D.), Honors Faculty-In-Residence

Faculty Contributors to Honors Education

Jon Basl (Ph.D.), Department of Philosophy & Religion

  • HONR 3310: Emerging Technologies: Philosophical and Ethical Issues

Michelle Borkin (Ph.D.), Khoury College of Computer Sciences

  • HONR 1310: Beautiful Data

Kevin Boudreau (Ph.D.), Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • HONR 3310: Platform Business Models

Timothy Brown (Ph.D.), Department of History

  • HONR 1310: The Global 1968: Protest, Politics, and Pop in a Violent Decade

Elizabeth Bucar (Ph.D.), Department of Philosophy & Religion

  • HONR 1310: Politics of the Veil: Islam, Gender and the Politics of Dress

Jeffrey Burds (Ph.D.), Department of History

  • HONR 1310: Twentieth Century Espionage
  • HONR 3310: Assassinations in World History
  • HONR 3310: Cold War Spies
  • HONR 3310: History of Modern Terrorism

John Coley (Ph.D.), Department of Psychology

  • HONR 3310: Of Two Minds, Intuition and Deliberation in Human Decision Making

Adam Cooper (Ph.D.), Linguistics Program

  • HONR 1310: From Esperanto to Elvish: Constructed Languages in History and Fiction

Xavier Costa (Ph.D.), School of Architecture

  • HONR 3310: Innovation by Design: Radical Ideas and Creative Action

Robert Cross (Ph.D.), Department of History

  • HONR 1310: Of Princes and Utopias: The Foundations of Modern Political Thought

Richard Daynard (J.D. & Ph.D.), School of Law

  • HONR 3310: Law, Public Policy, and Human Behavior

Jill Dupree (Ph.D.), Department of Economics

  • HONR 3310: The Battle for Global Markets: Current Dynamics in International Trade Policy

Kimberly Eddleston (Ph.D.) Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • HONR 3310: Examining Family Business Dynamics Through Film

Stanley Eigen (Ph.D.), Department of Mathematics

  • HONR 1310: Math, Magic, Puzzles, & Games

Sharon Harlan (Ph.D.), Department of Sociology & Anthropology

  • HONR 1310: Climate Change & Society

Lorna Hayward (Ed.D, M.P.H.d), Department of Physical Therapy

  • HONR 3310: Contemporary Issues in Health Care

Malcolm Hill (Ph.D.), Department of Marine & Environmental Sciences

  • HONR 3310: Costa Rica Volcanoes
  • HONR 1310: Earth as an Active Planet

Hubert Ho (Ph.D.), Department of Music

  • HONR 1310: Music, Mind, And Brain

Michael Hoppmann (Ph.D.), Department of Communication Studies

  • HONR 1310: Speaking Up for Justice

Patricia Illingworth (J.D.), Department of Philosophy and Religion

  • HONR 3310: Making the World a Better Place

Jeff Juris (Ph.D.), Department of Sociology and Anthropology

  • HONR 3310: From Wobblies to Occupy: The Culture, Politics and Representation of Popular Struggle

Jonathan Kaufman (M.A.), School of Journalism

  • HONR 3310: Covering Race and Class in America

Maureen Kelleher (Ph.D.), Department of Sociology and Anthropology

  • HONR 3310: Being “Crazy” in America: History, Policy and Popular Culture

Nancy Kindelan (Ph.D.), Department of Theatre

  • HONR 1310: Creative Storytelling for Social Engagement
  • HONR 3310: The Rebirth of the Living Newspaper

Amanda Lawrence (Ph.D.), School of Architecture

  • HONR 3310: How Do We Create the New from the Old? Exploring Tradition and Innovation in Art and Architecture

Marina Leslie (Ph.D.), Department of English

  • HONR 1310: Historical Novels and the Romance of History

David Lewkowicz (Ph.D.), Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

  • HONR 3310: Getting Smart: The Nature/Nurture Debate

Heather Littlefield (Ph.D.), Department of Linguistics

  • HONR 1310: Me Tarzan, You Jane: The Uses of Language in Literature: Linguistic Reality or Linguistic Fiction?

Katherine Luongo (Ph.D.), Department of History

  • HONR 1310: The History of Precolonial Africa: Gold, God(s), and Glory from African Perspectives

Sarah Kanouse (M.F.A.), Department of Art + Design

  • HONR 3310: The Border as Medium: Making and Thinking Through Separation in Urgent Times

Michael Patrick MacDonald (Professor-of-the-Practice), University Honors Program

  • HONR 1310: The North of Ireland: The North of Ireland: Conflict, Reconciliation, and the Ongoing Quest for Peace
  • HONR 3310: Social Justice: The Role of Reading, Writing, and Understanding Non-Fiction

Emily Mann (Ph.D.), Human Services Program

  • HONR 3310: The Science of Play
  • HONR 3310: Promoting Success Through Prevention Science

Kristin Madison (J.D., Ph.D.), School of Law and Bouvé College of Health Sciences

  • HONR 3310: Health Policy in an Era of Reform

Ineke Marshall (Ph.D.), Department of Health Sciences

  • HONR 1310: Dealing with Drugs: Global and Local Implications of Illegal Mind-Altering Substances

Jude Mathews, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  • HONR 1310: Gastronomic Delights: The Science of Cooking

Matthew McDonald (Ph.D.), Department of Music

  • HONR 3310: Understanding Film Through the Coen Brothers

Waleed Meleis (Ph.D.), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • HONR 3310: From Laplace’s Demon to Schroedinger’s Cat: How 20th-Century Science Tried and Failed to Know Everything

Ennio Mingolla (Ph.D., M.Ed.), Department of Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • HONR 1310: Illusions of Reality
  • HONR 3310: Introduction to Brain and Behavioral Computation

Ellen Noonan (M.F.A.), Department of English

  • HONR 3310: Slam Poetry & Social Justice
  • HONR 3310: Online Creative Writing Workshop

Sarena Parekh (Ph.D.), Department of Philosophy & Religion

  • HONR 3310: Human Rights in the 21st Century
  • HONR 3310: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Justice

Chris Parsons (Ph.D.), Department of History

  • HONR 3310: Recreating the Experiments of the Scientific Revolution in Early Modern Europe

Gordana Rabrenovic (Ph.D.), Department of Sociology & Anthropology

  • HONR 1310: Angels and Demons: Studying Violence in the 21st Century

Lauren Raine (Ph.D.), Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences

  • HONR 3310: Hopscotch, Soccer, and Broccoli: Implications of Neuroscience for Promoting Children’s Brain Health

Craig Robertson (Ph.D.), Program in Media and Screen Studies

  • HONR 3310: Cloud, Closet (Drop)Box

Holbrook Robinson (Ph.D.), Department of Cultures, Societies & Global Studies

  • HONR 3310: The Enlightenment: From a Pre-factual World to a Post-factual One

Tracy Robinson-Wood (Ed.D.), Department of Applied Psychology

  • HONR 1310: Woke: Interrogating and Resisting Isms for 21st Citizenship

David Rochefort (Ph.D.), Department of Political Science

  • HONR 3310: Social Fact from Fiction

James Ross (M.A.), Department of Journalism

  • HONR 3310: Art of Narrative Non-Fiction: From the Survivors of Hiroshima to the Garbage Pickers of Mumbai

Dennis Shaughnessy (J.D., M.B.A.), Social Entrepreneurship Institute

  • HONR 1310: Changing the World 101
  • HONR 1310: Drones, Clones & Driverless Cars: The Social Impact of Disruptive New Technologies
  • HONR 3310: The Rules for Innovation in the 21st Century: From Gene Therapy to Artificial Intelligence

Abhi Shelat (Ph.D.), College of Computer & Information Science

  • HONR 1310: The Future of Money

Peter Simon, Department of Economics

  • HONR 3310: Legalizing Marijuana, the National Debt, and Import Tariffs: Contested Economic Issues

Rifat Sipahi (Ph.D.), Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  • HONR 3310: System Dynamics

Rory Smead (Ph.D.), Department of Philosophy & Religion

  • HONR 3310: Scientific Approaches to Philosophy

Stephen Subrin (LL.B), School of Law

  • HONR 3310: Building the American Railroads: Law, History, and Culture

Gloria Sutton (Ph.D.), Department of Art + Design

  • HONR 3310: Visual Intelligence: Changing Perceptions Through Contemporary Art