Honors Experiential Learning

In the University Honors Program at Northeastern, learning comes alive through the blending of knowledge and practice. Our experiential learning philosophy lays at the heart of several unique opportunities that enable Honors students to engage in self-directed, interdisciplinary research projects and creative endeavors under the guidance of university faculty, as well as faculty-led global experiences that integrate classroom learning and application within a global context. Learning happens everywhere at Northeastern University, and the University Honors Program empowers students through a strategic array of experiential opportunities and personalized support to satisfy their goals and passions.

Hannah Tam & Julian Stanley

Honors students Hannah Tam (COS, ’20) and Julien Stanley (COS, ’20) at work at Northeastern’s Apfeld Lab.

Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors

Undergraduate research and creative endeavors are crucial components of the Honors experience. First-year Honors students are immediately empowered to participate in research projects and creative endeavors with world-class university faculty. Be it in the laboratory, library, or out in the field, these early experiences furnish Honors students with the requisite knowledge, skills, and networks to develop and direct their own research or creative projects. Furthermore, the University Honors Program offers its students a flexible experiential framework and financial support that enables them to leverage these experiences into publications, exhibits, or presentations at national or international professional conferences.


Honors students exploring Berlin while abroad on an Honors Dialogue of Civilization.

Global Experiences

Today’s challenges and opportunities do not recognize boundaries or borders. The University Honors Program at Northeastern encourages its students to explore, produce, and practice knowledge within this global context. It offers multiple global opportunities featuring an integrated academic and experiential methodology intended to prepare students to be global citizens. These programs are led by our innovative and inquisitive faculty, who act as guides, mentors, and collaborators in these shared global experiences. From exploring Costa Rican volcanoes, trekking along a centuries-old pilgrimage trail in Spain, to serving the local community in Otovalo, Ecuador, Honors offers its students the opportunity to pursue an enriching global experience aligned with students’ aspirations and goals.