Exploring Tradition and Innovation in Arts and Architecture

Students in Professor Amanda Reeser Lawrence’s Honors Interdisciplinary seminar visited the Harvard Art Museums on Wednesday October 18 to see priceless works of art and sculpture up close and in person, and hear from expert curators and restorers.  As part of Lawrence’s Honors 3310 seminar, entitled “How Do We Create the New From the Old: Exploring Tradition and Innovation in Arts and Architecture,” students have been learning about concepts such as influence, originality, copy, and replication.

Students began their visit in the courtyard of the Fogg Museum—a replica of a sixteenth century Italian Renaissance building. Danielle Carrabino, Associate Research Curator in European art then led students in discussion of the exhibition “After Leonardo da Vinci,” a collection of paper works executed by students and assistants of Leonardo’s. And finally, Conservator of Objects and Sculpture Tony Sigel gave a riveting presentation on the small clay sculptures by baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. These “bozzetti” as they are known served as studies for the later full-size marble sculptures, and students learned about about the forensic and x-ray technologies are used to better understand them. Students finished the day with a visit to gallery housing the Bernini bozzetti—the largest collection in the world.

Honors students interested in taking Professor Lawrence’s HONR 3310 course may register for it this Spring 2018, (CRN: 37450).