Welcome to the 2016 Honors Spain DOC!

Honors Spain Dialogue of Civilizations Blog 3.0!

This is the third year that Northeastern Honors students have embarked upon an exploration of religion and culture in Spain. This blog account will follow the students’ travels through the cities of Granada, Córdoba, Seville, and Toledo, and the towns of the Camino, from Leon to Santiago. Seventeen Huskies will have the opportunity to see first hand the material evidence of a history of religious co-existence, strained tolerance, and open conflict in Spain as well as gain a unique insight into pilgrimage, one of the most ancient practices of humankind.

Words alone cannot paint a complete portrait of this trip—some moments have to be lived to be understood. For those reading from afar, however, this blog will offer a window into a few of the significant experiences Northeastern’s Honor students find during their way.

If you’re interested in reading more about last year’s experience, please feel free to explore the 2015 Spain DOC  2014 Spain DOC blog entries!