Graduating Senior Reception 2016

On April 12, 2016, the University Honors Program hosted the Honors Senior Reception & Cording Ceremony, where its community came together to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class. Graduating seniors were corded in an official ceremony conducted by Honors staff, whom also recognized those students receiving the following distinctions:

  • Honors in the Discipline
  • Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis
  • Honors Ambassador
  • Honors Students of the Year

Graduating senior Katie Braggins was also invited to speak before her peers, reflecting on what being an Honors student has meant during her time at Northeastern. Lastly, the Honors Program recognized the Office of Community Service’s Dr. Becca Berkey for her invaluable contribution to the community this year. Thanks to Dr. Berkey, the Program successfully introduced a service-learning component in our Enhancing Honors course for first-year Honors students. This, complemented by her work with Honors faculty to integrate meaningful community service opportunities through the classroom, brought students into greater contact and collaboration with the Greater Boston community.