Day 30: Adios España

The DOC’s second to last day involved working, working and more working. On a positive note, this might be the only hotel that doesn’t hate us yet…probably because we didn’t leave our rooms all day. The night’s family dinner got a little sentimental when we realized that without our guide, there was only diecisiete of us, instead of dieciocho.

Our final two days in Spain were filled with last minute souvenir shopping, repacking our suitcases, and hours cooped up in hotel rooms working on final projects, leaving some serious time for reflecting. For myself and the many other science majors in our group, this dialogue was a chance to try something new and potentially outside our comfort zones. After all, taking classes about Islam in Spain and the Act of Pilgrimage were definitely not what I was expecting when I signed up for Northeastern’s physical therapy program. However, on this trip I have learned more in one month than ever before, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Learning about Islamic history by actually going to sites like the Alhambra or Cordoba’s Cathedral/Mosque, and learning about pilgrimage by literally becoming pilgrims, definitely makes these the most hands-on classes I have ever taken.

Our month in Spain has not only given us academic insight, but taught us valuable life lessons as well. We return home tomorrow, armed with our newfound knowledge of the true meaning of “flexibility” (just don’t ask any of us to start doing splits anytime soon), the various techniques of blister lancing, and the many different Spanish phrases for distinguishing between male and female restrooms–our favorite being “con pito”/”sin pito”.

What started out as a group of 17 strangers is ending this trip as a family, already planning reunions and potluck dinners. While we look forward to home-cooked meals and washing machines, I think all of us are dreading the goodbye hugs in the Madrid and Boston Airports.

31 Days, 17 Hotels, 15 Students, 2 Courses, 1 Country. This is Spain.

Adios España!

Victoria Ruvolo – Physical Therapy