Day 6: Green Revolution

Happily today is not an early day and no alarms were set to waken us as we recovered from yesterday’s busy day. After a quick yet delicious breakfast, a group of us headed back to Plaza Nueva to take observation notes for our second ethnography. Seated on a shaded bench we contrasted the tourists’ behaviors with the locals’ daily rituals – such as a casual late morning stroll while in full business attire.

Our reading and discussion that evening focused on the 10th century, which was the Golden Age of Islamic rule in Spain. This was partially due to the Green Revolution improving agricultural methods enough to provide for population growth. Inspired by this we had our own mini Green Revolution and switched it up from the usual meats, cheeses, and tapas by stopping at a local produce store. Between our limited Spanish skills and a patient shopkeeper we walked away with fresh apples, a juicy watermelon, and a cherimoya – a fruit new to all of us.

Planting ourselves by the pool to enjoy the beautiful weather, we ate our fruit, read, and worked on homework. We then practiced for the Camino by washing our clothing in the bathtub and hanging them on the balcony to dry before heading down to class. In class we discussed Abd al-Rahman’s reign, his introduction of the title caliph in Spain, and his luxurious lifestyle. His three co-successors, after one natural and one suspicious death, were narrowed down until Almanzor stood alone.

After class we returned to the pool for a quick dip and cool-down before heading to shop at a bazar in the Albayazín. From there we split into smaller groups to go tapas bar hopping before ending the night dancing, enjoying Spanish music, and mingling with the locals. All in all a great last day in Grenada, onto the white villages next!

Madison Janvrin – Chemical Engineer