President’s Breakfast

Date & Time: March 23 (Tuesday), 7:30am – 9:00am

Location: Raytheon Amphitheatre / Egan

Please join President Joseph E. Aoun and the Holocaust Awareness Committee as the Northeastern community gathers to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Laurel Leff, Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies, and Associate Professor of Journalism, will present her research on Edna Ferber, author of Showboat and Giant, who was a fierce anti-fascist with strong family ties to her German Jewish relatives. By the mid-1930s, her relatives were seeking refuge from the persecutions in their home country.  Ferber’s experience with assisting her relatives who fled Nazi Germany stands as an important case study of the often difficult relationships between Americans and the refugees they sponsored.

Gideon Klein Student Scholar Jerri Robbins will perform music from the transit/concentration camp, Terezín.

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