General Guidelines

  • Pages should be centered within a browser, when possible.
  • Page content (including text, imagery, and interactive components) should be contained within the main content area, also known as the "live" area, between the header (including navigation) and footer.
  • The background of the page should be a neutral color, such as a shade of gray, or a very subtle gradient made from neutral colors. It should not detract from the pageʼs design.
  • Sufficient text-to-background contrast should be used for maximum legibility.
  • Use Northeastern colors in a judicious manner to align your website with the Northeastern brand. The university’s colors are Northeastern Red (a custom shade), Warm Gray, and Black. Websites use the hexadecimal color system. The code for Northeastern Red is #CC0000. The code for Warm Gray is #615445.
  • Northeastern Red can be visually overpowering under some circumstances, and should be used in a balanced fashion that complements the rest of the site design. Large blocks of Northeastern Red should be avoided.

Graphics and Photography

High-quality photography, well integrated into an overall site's design and published in an appropriate file format, conveys a level of professionalism and polish befitting the dynamism of this university. Image quality should be prioritized over file size and loading times. At this time, photographs should be saved at 72 dpi and in RGB mode. PNG files are recommended for logos and graphic elements, particularly those elements that include hard lines or broad expanses of color.