The University Seal

The use of the university seal standing alone is restricted to the Office of the President, the Office of University Advancement, and the Board of Trustees. It can also be used to brand formal invitations and formal institutional events, such as Commencement. Please adhere to these guidelines for seal usage:

  • The seal should always be used with reverence to what it represents, and never in an irreverent, playful, or disrespectful way.
  • If the seal is used standing alone, the minimum height is 0.875”, and a height of 1” is strongly recommended.
  • The approved color options for the seal in general usage are black and Warm Gray 11. When reversing the seal, do not use the positive version; always use the knocked-out version. The seal’s scroll and the flame should always be the lightest parts of the image.
  • In presidential or university advancement communications, as well as for formal institutional events like Commencement, the seal standing alone may be rendered in gold or silver (please see “Colors” for specific PMS shades of both).

Please see the “Incorrect Usage” section for more information on this topic.

Correct Seal Colors