The Northeastern Wordmark

Our wordmark is in a custom typeface, comprising a unique set of letterforms used only by Northeastern and based on the typeface Baskerville. This proprietary typeface is designed primarily as a display face, and outside of the wordmark usage, may be applied only by the Office of Marketing and Communications or authorized vendors.

Content Fonts

ITC New Baskerville and Helvetica Neue are the official fonts of the university.  


Helvetica Neu


We encourage, but do not require, that university publications be produced with specific fonts: ITC New Baskerville and Helvetica Neue. When using fonts other than these, please select carefully, avoiding very stylized fonts such as Comic Sans.

The Office of Marketing and Communications has purchased a limited number of font licenses for distribution of the official fonts to qualified full-time employees. Each license gives the necessary permission to load a font family onto one computer.



• Font licenses are available through NU Reprographics.

• To order, you must be a full-time employee of the university.

• These fonts are necessary only for the production of university print publications. Order them only for that purpose. (Employees do not need these fonts for ordinary communications, such as business letters and memos.)

• There is a service fee of $6 for each font license, and you may order up to five licenses.

• Note: ITC New Baskerville has been in circulation as a university font since 2008. Please confirm your actual font needs, and order only what you need.

• Each font family can be loaded onto just one computer; loading a font family onto multiple computers is a violation of the university’s agreement with the vendor.

• All fonts are designed to run on Macs and PCs.

• You may purchase ITC New Baskerville and/or Helvetica Neue for a preferred freelance designer or external print production vendor. Freelancers and vendors must abide by the licensing restrictions and may not use the fonts for non-Northeastern projects.

If you need an ITC New Baskerville or Helvetica Neue typeface that is not included here, you will need to purchase it from our font vendor, Monotype.