Templates are sample applications of the Northeastern visual brand. The goal is to provide a rough framework that can be adapted and evolved based on your specific communication needs.

PDF downloads are available for each template on this site. If you are interested in accessing the actual InDesign documents, please contact NU Reprographics at (617) 373-2766, which can provide Mac files for each template. Repro can also assist with desktop publishing and design services to adapt the templates to your publication needs.

Use the following guidelines when adapting the templates for an individual school or department:

  • Typefaces should be ITC New Baskerville (as the serif font) and Helvetica (as the sans-serif font).
  • The Northeastern graphic identity appears on the front and back cover. All contact information appears on the back cover.
  • Consider using photos from the Branding Toolkit image library, or contact University Photography at (617) 373-5450 for specific image requests.
  • We strongly encourage you to develop all marketing communications in coordination with the appropriate administrative units to fully leverage your unit marketing goals and strategy.