Incorrect Usage

Protect the integrity of the Northeastern identity by avoiding improper usage in the examples below.

Primary and Alternative Logos

The consistent arrangement of the seal and wordmark is fundamental to effective communication and should never be compromised. Always reproduce the logo from the original artwork, available on our secure Downloads page.


Do not change the scale of the seal

Altered Colors

Seal should never print in red

Altered Colors 2

Do not assign unapproved colors to the wordmark or seal

Distorted Wordmark

Do not distort the wordmark or seal

No New Lockup

Do not create a new lockup

Composite Arrangements (“Lockups”)

It is equally important that the college/school, graduate campus, and SLT unit logos and wordmarks retain their integrity. Always reproduce these lockups from original artwork available to authorized university personnel through our secure Downloads page.

No Alt Seal Size

Do not scale the seal

No Alt Color

Do not apply Northeastern Red to a college

No Alt Lockup

Do not create an alternative lockup

No Alt Structure

Do not alter the lockup structure

No Secondary Lockups

Do not attach a college to the primary lockup

University Seal

The Northeastern University seal should always be used with reverence to what it represents. Always reproduce the seal from original artwork available on our secure Downloads page.

Incorrect seals

Incorrect white seal

If questions about usage arise, please contact