We have developed an identifier for academic departments and schools within the colleges, and administrative/service offices within senior leadership units—the unit’s name in ITC New Baskerville Italic, designed to stand alone from the university logo. Identifiers offer flexibility, eliminating the need to use the former composite arrangement of the department or office name “locked up” with the Northeastern logo.

Academic Unit Identifiers

Academic departments should always use the appropriate Northeastern/college lockup, in both print and web applications, as the main Northeastern graphic identity. The department identifier should stand alone, in print and on websites.

For interdisciplinary academic programs and departments that reside in two or more colleges, printed pieces should be branded with the Northeastern University logo or wordmark. The names of the colleges should appear in a body or header font, with equal weight and prominence.


Journalism identifier


Academic Print


Administrative/Service Office Identifier

Administrative/service offices should always use the university logo or wordmark as the main Northeastern graphic identity. These offices have the option of arranging their identifier directly under the Northeastern logotype or applying it as a stand-alone element.


HR Identifier


Admin Print


Identifier Clear Space

In print applications, identifiers that are separated from the main Northeastern graphic identity (college lockup, university logo, or wordmark) must be placed at a minimum distance equal to three times the “x” height, as shown in this example.


Identifier Clearspace

When administrative/service office identifiers are placed directly under the Northeastern logotype, maintain the scale and alignment relationships shown in this example. Identifiers should be sized at 60 percent of the “x” height, and must be aligned at a distance exactly equal to the “x” height.


Admin Size


Identifier typeface

The specified identifier typeface is recommended for all departments and offices, but it is required only when administrative and service offices align their identifier directly under the Northeastern logo or wordmark.

ITC Baskerville Italic Example