The use of color is an important aspect of the Northeastern University identity. The identity-system colors for Northeastern are Northeastern Red (a custom mix), PMS Warm Gray 11, and black.

Approved Colors


In two-color versions of the logo, the seal may be either PMS Warm Gray 11 or black and the wordmark is always Northeastern Red, whether printed on coated or uncoated paper. Other shades of red and gray or other color combinations may never be used for the logo or wordmark. (Note: If your printer is unable to procure the custom red ink, they should use PMS 186, a close approximation.)

Primary Logo sgr


Primary Logo sbr


In two-color lockups for colleges and schools, senior leadership units, and graduate campuses, the unit name is either Warm Gray 11 or black, matching the color of the seal.

CCIS sgr


CCIS sbr


One-color versions of the logo, the wordmark alone, and the lockups are typically white knocking out of a medium or dark background, or black or warm gray against a white or light background.

Primary Logo koko


Primary Logo sbb


Primary Logo sgg


When an identifier is aligned directly under the wordmark, it must be Black, Warm Gray 11, or knocked out in white in one-color applications, and Warm Gray 11 or Black—matching the color of the seal—in two-color applications. Identifiers standing alone have no color restrictions, except a prohibition on using gold or silver without first consulting Marketing and Communications. Those colors are reserved for presidential and university advancement communications and top-level institutional events such as Commencement.











Printers may order the Northeastern Red ink formulas from the suppliers suggested below. For more information, contact the production director in the Office of Marketing and Communications at 617.373.5741.

Superior Ink, formula #8865; or 3D Ink, formula #D-28449 (for printing on coated stocks). 3D Ink, formula #D-28202 (for printing on uncoated stocks).

In all cases, color samples on the specified paper stock should be furnished for approval before printing. When reproducing Northeastern logos or wordmarks through four-color process printing, convert the colors according to these formulas:

Northeastern Red=100% magenta, 90% yellow, 5% black

PMS Warm Gray 11=13% magenta, 30% yellow, 76% black

Presidential, advancement, and other top-level institutional communications may use gold or silver for type, as a secondary color, or for rendering the seal standing alone. Use PMS Gold 8640 and PMS Silver 877.

Whenever PMS colors or four-color process cannot be used (in the production of signs or banners, for instance), choose red and gray colors that approximate Northeastern Red and PMS Warm Gray 11 as closely as possible. Northeastern Red should be used in all primary communications. Warm Gray 11 and black can act as secondary colors. Percentages of Warm Gray 11—from 10% to 100%—may be used as a supporting color.