Focused Messages

As Northeastern University evolves to meet the needs of current and future students, it adopts new initiatives and new areas of emphasis to promote that evolution. The Office of Marketing and Communications plays a key role in developing language to describe these initiatives to internal and external audiences.

We will use this section of the Guidelines site to post appropriate language about these initiatives, and we will update these as the need arises.

Graduate Campus Initiative 
Advancing a new model of higher education that moves beyond the traditional boundaries of place, Northeastern is developing a system of regional campuses in selected cities. The first, in Charlotte, North Carolina, launched in 2011. Northeastern opened a second graduate campus in Seattle, Washington, in 2013, a third in Silicon Valley in 2015, and is opening its Toronto campus this year. These academic hubs offer graduate degrees aligned with their regions’ educational, workforce, and economic development needs, including programs in emerging fields, such as cybersecurity and health informatics. The courses are offered in flexible hybrid and online formats to meet the needs of working professionals. The regional campuses also serve as platforms for expanded research and co-op partnerships between the university and industry, government, and academia.

Our Global Impact
As a university where teaching and research are grounded in global engagement, Northeastern’s impact is being felt in all corners of the world. Our students shape the world through experiential learning opportunities for work, research, study, and service with more than 3,000 partners in the United States, in 131 countries and on all seven continents; and through the diversity of a dynamic campus that connects students from 138 countries, all engaged in the exchange of ideas and the common pursuit of academic, cultural, and professional experience and enterprise.
Our faculty collaborates with colleagues on campus and on the other side of the world to pursue interdisciplinary research that turns discoveries into practical solutions, with a focus on global challenges in health, security, and sustainability.
Our alumni, prepared by Northeastern to be engaged citizens of the world before they graduate, are making a difference in 145 countries around the globe.
In our every point of global connection, we don’t just show up, we transform—whether it’s a student on co-op working with an NGO in Zambia, an Indonesian student exhibiting her culture’s artwork at Gallery 360, a faculty researcher pinpointing the genetic links among a world of crippling diseases, or an alumna whose work as a photojournalist reveals the light of hope in some of the globe’s darkest places.

A Uniquely Student-Centered University 
Northeastern is where intellectual life meets real-world experience on a global stage.
Northeastern empowers students to chart their own academic path. By engaging with our unique opportunities to integrate classroom study with experiential learning options around the world, they can take on new academic challenges, develop an innovative and entrepreneurial course of learning, leave established comfort zones, and embrace the unknown.
We provide students with the flexibility to select, with guidance from their advisers, from many options: 

  • Four-year and five-year programs of study, both offering the benefits of our signature co-op program. 
  • NUterm, a summer option for rising sophomores that broadens our students’ choices across the board.
  • Increasing options for combined and interdisciplinary majors, advancing study in innovative and emerging fields. 
  • Wide opportunities to engage in academic research, in partnership with faculty or through co-op. 
  • Global learning experiences—professional work, study, service, and research—in 128 countries and on all seven continents, supported by a Presidential Global Scholars initiative that provides funding to help outstanding students attain their goals for international learning. 
  • PlusOne combined degree programs that enable students to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.

Through these opportunities and many others, Northeastern students are at the center of creating their own academic experience, able to pursue a course of study that will serve them for a lifetime.

The Power of Co-op, in Four Years or Five 
Northeastern offers the powerful benefits of its signature co-op program to all students, whether they choose to complete their degree in four years or five years, or pursue one of our PlusOne combined bachelor’s/master’s programs. Students, with guidance from their advisers, determine which path is best for them: the four-year option with two co-ops or the five-year option with up to three co-ops. Students have the flexibility to chart a course that best aligns with their goals and advances their aspirations.