Senate Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2020

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting

September 26, 2020
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Zoom Recording:


  1. Introduction
  2. Positions and responsibilities, committee information
  3. Office hours
  4. Student Group Approval – The Data Science Hub
  5. VP for Financial Affairs election
  6. Questions



1. Introduction

President Gagan Dep Prabhu greeted everyone and the Executive Vice President, Divya Subbaian hosted the meeting.

2. Positions and responsibilities, committee information:

  1. VP of Student Affairs
  2. VP of Academic Affairs
  3. VP of Financial Affairs
  4. VP of Programs and Operations
  5. VP of Marketing and Outreach

Senators are encouraged to serve on a committee and to confirm attendance at each committee meeting

3. Office hours

Announcement to GSG office hours was made. Starting September 28, each officer will serve two hours per week, either on-ground in #236 Curry Student Center or virtual (Zoom). Two weeks schedule was displayed and regulations to comply to, for attending on-ground office hours which will be subject to university safety protocols strictly were discussed.

Conducted roll call for the nominees of VP for Financial Affairs election.

4. Student Group Approval – The Data Science Hub

A presentation was made by Kaushik Holla and Anand Krishnamoorthy of  ‘The Data Science Hub’ for official recognition by the Graduate Student Government. President – Gagan Dep Prabhu announced the vote of 92.8 percent to accept The Data Science Hub as an officially recognized organization by GSG.

5. VP of Financial Affairs Election

Candidates: Nalini Macharla, Reema Yadav, Simone Winston, Sundera Rajan Kaushik Komandur and Venkata Phani Devulapally

Each candidate was given two minutes to pitch and participated in a question/answer session. This was followed by the ballot, conducted by CSI where active senators got to vote.

President Gagan Dep Prabhu announced the vote for the election of Simone Winston as VP of Financial Affairs and also announced that the VP of Academic Affairs, Hariessh Kumar, has resigned and an election will be held for this position in the next senate meeting.



The senate meeting was adjourned at 3:56 pm by the Executive Vice-President.


Meeting Attendance

S.NoName Northeastern EmailCollegeCommittee
1Alfred Navatonavato.a@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms and Operations Committee
2Ansh VaghelaVaghela.a@northeastern.eduCPSBudget Priorities Committee
3Ashishkumar Bidapbidap.a@northeastern.eduCPS-
4Atharva Kousadikarkousadikar.a@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
5Bhavesh Thakkar thakkar.b@northeastern.eduCOE-
5Chirag Patelpatel.chir@northeastern.eduCOEBudget Priorities Committee
6Deependra Singhd.singh@northeastern.eduCOE-
7Divya Subbaiand.subbaian@northeastern.eduCOE-
8Gagan Dep Prabhug.prabhu@northeastern.eduCOE-
9Hariessh Kumar Badrinarayananbadrinarayanan.h@northeastern.eduKhoury-
10Jared Beaulieubeaulieu.ja@northeastern.eduD'Amore-McKim BusinessPrograms and Operations Committee
11Jerry Goodwingoodwin.j@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
12Jugal Sandeep Shethsheth.ju@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms and Operations Committee
13kamaleshkore.k@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
14Kaushik Holla Vaderhobli Madhava Krishnavaderhoblimadhavak.k@northeastern.eduKhoury Academic Affairs Committee
15Laura Johnsonjohnson.lau@northeastern.eduGrad Student Org- English Graduate Student Association-
16Mandar Suryawanshisuryawanshi.m@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms and Operations Committee
17Nagesh Ramesh Kadagathurnageshrameshkadaga.n@northeastern.eduCOE-
18Nalini Macharlamacharla.@northeastern.eduCPS-
19Niranjan Vaidyavaidya.nir@northeastern.eduCPS-
20Omkar Tiwaretiware.o@northeastern.eduCPSBudget Priorities Committee
21Orhun Kokkok.o@northeastern.eduCOSBudget Priorities Committee
22Pallak Singhsingh.pal@northeastern.eduGrad Student Org- GWiSEPrograms and Operations Committee
24Reema Yadavyadav.ree@northeastern.eduCOEAcademic Affairs Committee
25Romaric Belmier MbakopMbakop.r@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
26Samuel ChuanChuan.s@northeastern.eduCollege of Arts, Media and DesignMarketing and Outreach Committee
27Santhoshi Bathinabathina.s@northeastern.eduCOE-
28Shamika Shirish Gogategogate.s@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms and Operations Committee
30Sundera Rajan Kaushik Komandurkomandur.s@northeastern.eduCOEAcademic Affairs Committee
31Tanay Bhagwatbhagwat.t@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
32Taylor Lemieux Lemieux.t@northeastern.eduD'Amore-McKim BusinessPrograms and Operations Committee
33Vatsal Guptagupta.vat@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms and Operations Committee
34Venkata Phani Devulapallydevulapally.v@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee