Senate Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2021

Graduate Student Government Senate Meeting – January 23, 2021

January 23, 2021
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Zoom Recording:



  1. GSG Introduction
  2. Fall 2020 Review
  3. Project Funding
  4. Officer Introductions
  5. Elections
  6. Committees
  7. Spring 2021 Meeting Schedule, Hybrid format
  8. Senator Status
  9. Office Hours – Spring 2021 + System
  10. Questions and Answers



Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. The first Spring 2021 meeting was conducted both on-ground and Zoom. Divya shared what Graduate Student Government has been doing and its plans for the future.

1. GSG Introduction

Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian said the GSG is a representation of the gradate community (Master’s and PhD). Funding is provided for individual conferences, student groups, and academic projects. It supports community building by sponsoring events and other initiatives.

2. Fall 2020 Review

In Fall 2020, GSG supported project funding, hosted office hours, sponsored two contests: “Virtual Scavenger Hunt” and “Ruff Around the Edges”, and recognized senators.

3. Project Funding

GSG Project Funding proposal that was approved with 97% votes from the senators in Fall 2020, has been successfully implemented and funding is available for academic project expenses, including equipment, material, software, hardware, surveys, or gift-cards; and up to $500 per academic year is accessible. The application process requires the following: completed application form, advisor approval form, and a project proposal presentation and itemized budget.

For additional information, visit

4. Officer Introductions

Each officer introduced himself/herself and welcomed students to join committees.

President: Gagan Dep Prabhu,

Executive Vice President:  Divya Subbaian (Strategic Planning Committee),

Vice President of Student Affairs: Deependra Singh (Student Affairs Committee),

Vice President of Financial Affairs: (Financial Affairs Committee),

 Vice President of Academic Affairs: Reema Yadav (Academic Affairs Committee),

Vice President of Programs & Operations: (Programs & Operations Committee),

Vice President of Marketing & Outreach: Santhoshi Bathina (Marketing & Outreach Committee),

The link to connect with the current GSG Executive Team is the following:

GSG email:

5. Elections

Two e-boards positions Vice President of Financial Affairs and Vice President of Programs &  Operations are open. The election will be conducted on Jan. 26 from 12pm-2pm. Voting will take place through CampusLabs. Active Senators will be eligible to vote. Nominations forms are to be completed by January 25, 11:59 pm.

6. Committees

Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian described the GSG committees, roles & requirements to be a part of each of committee. Strategic Planning Committee (Chair: Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian), Student Affairs Committee (Chair: Vice President of Student Affairs Deependra Singh), Academic Affairs (Chair: Reema Yadav), Finance Committee, Programs and Operations Committee, Marketing and Outreach Committee (Chair: Santhoshi Bathina).

7. Spring 2021 Meeting Schedule, Hybrid format

In-person registration is available to attend the bi-weekly meetings. A registration link will be sent five (5) days before each meeting. A waitlist will be available if the in-person meeting room has reaches maximum capacity as per the college’s COVID-19 meeting policy.

To attend the in-person meetings in Room 333 at the Curry Student Center, please be aware of the following: limited capacity, registration is required, ticketing system will operate on a first-serve, first-come basis, university safety protocols will be followed, and you are encouraged to bring PDF attachments that each GSG member receives in advance.

Spring 2021 Senate Meeting Schedule.

8. Senator Status

GSG Senator applications are available to complete now. A Senator must complete a Senator Nomination form, attend bi-weekly Senate meetings, and attend committee meetings regularly. To maintain active status, a Senator will be required to attend two (2) consecutive meetings. A Senator will become inactive if two (2) consecutive meetings are missed. Senators are able to regain their active status by attending consecutive meetings.

Senator Nomination form is valid for one academic year. You do not need to resubmit a form if you completed a form in fall 2020.If you were a senator in the previous academic year (Fall 2019-Spring 2020), you are requested to complete a Senator Renewal form.

Senator Nomination Form:

Senator Renewal Form:

9. Office Hours Spring 2021 + Spring

If you would like to connect with someone from the executive board, you can schedule 30 minute appointments with any/a GSG officer during GSG Office Hours:

10. Questions

Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian answered questions about elections, Senator nomination. She asked that candidates for officer to be available to serve a full academic year and be prepared to deliver a three (3) minute speech before a GSG meeting.

If you would like to receive emails about the Senate meetings and volunteer opportunities, send a request to “join organization” on CampusLabs-

GSG social media:





The next Senate meeting is scheduled for 10Th Feb, 2021, 12pm – 2pm (EST).



The Senate meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm by Executive Vice President Divya Subbaian


Meeting Attendance

S.NoName Northeastern EmailCollegeCommittee
1Abhishek Ningalaningala.a@northeastern.eduKhouryFinancial Affairs Committee
2Abhishek Shahshah.abhis@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
3Aditi jainjain.adit@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
4Akanksha Diggikardiggikar.a@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
5Akanksha Sanjay Tetwartetwar.a@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
6Amulya Raoravindra.a@northeastern.eduCOEAcademic Affairs Committee
7Ankita Affairs Committee
8Aron Dsouzadsouza.a@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
9Atharva Kousadikarkousadikar.a@northeastern.eduCPSStrategic Planning Committee
10Chanakya KukkalaKukkala.c@northeastern.eduCPSStrategic Planning Committee
11Chirag Patelpatel.chir@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
12Danzel Jonesjones.danz@northeastern.eduGraduate Students of Color CollectiveNone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
14Deepti Akarshaakarsha.d@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
15Dhruv Garggarg.d@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
16Dileep Shahshah.dile@northeastern.eduKhouryStudent Affairs Committee
17Divya Subbaiansubbaian.d@northeastern.eduCOE-
18Gagan Dep Prabhuprabhu.g@northeastern.eduCOE-
19Govind Planning Committee
20Grania Machadomachado.g@northeastern.eduKhouryMarketing and Outreach Committee
21Harman Farwahfarwah.h@northeastern.eduKhouryFinancial Affairs Committee
22Indu Sai Teja Nadellanadella.i@northeastern.eduCOEAcademic Affairs Committee
23James "Jerry" Goodwingoodwin.j@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
24Jared Beaulieubeaulieu.ja@northeastern.eduD'Amore-McKimFinancial Affairs Committee
25Jayashanker Padishalapadishala.j@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
26Jigesh Mauryamaurya.j@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
27Kulbir Singhsingh.kul@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
28Kun Chichi.k@northeastern.eduCPSStrategic Planning Committee
29Lily Bessettebessette.l@northeastern.eduKhouryNone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
30Markynsai Lamarlamar.m@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
31MIRAL DALALdalal.m@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
32Monika Sudhakar Affairs Committee
33Mrugendra Manerikarmanerikar.m@northeastern.eduCOENone, I don't want to sign up for committees!
34Nijin Varghesevarghese.n@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
35Nikunj Doshidoshi.nik@northeastern.eduCOEMarketing and Outreach Committee
36Niranjan Vaidyavaidya.nir@northeastern.eduCPSStrategic Planning Committee
37Omkar Tiwaretiware.o@northeastern.eduCPSFinancial Affairs Committee
38Parth and Outreach Committee
39Prajakta, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
40Prem Mulchandanimulchandani.p@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
41Rajan Ramesh Salvesalve.ra@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
42Reema YadavYadav.ree@northeastern.eduCOE-
43Rhea SharmaSharma.rhe@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
44Riya Moitramoitra.r@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
45Rochana Devidas Dudwadkardudwadkar.r@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
46Romaric Belmier MbakopMbakop.r@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
47Roshan Bellarybellary.r@northeastern.eduKhouryAcademic Affairs Committee
48Samuel Chuanchuan.s@northeastern.eduCAMDMarketing and Outreach Committee
49Samyak Jainjain.samyak@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
50Sandeep Karapa Srivatsav karapasrivatsav.s@northeastern.eduCPSMarketing and Outreach Committee
51Santhoshi Bathinabathina.s@northeastern.eduCOE-
52Sasank Kumar Kantanakantana.s@northeastern.eduCPSPrograms & Operations Committee
53Shakir Khalid khalid.s@northeastern.eduCPSPrograms & Operations Committee
54Shamika Shirish Gogategogate.s@northeastern.eduCOEPrograms & Operations Committee
55Shravya Shettyshetty.shra@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee
56Shreya kichlookichloo.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
57Shreya Vivek Affairs Committee
58Sneha and Outreach Committee
59Sriram Ravindranravindran.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
60Sudheer, I don't want to sign up for Committees!
61Sudipta Sahasaha.sud@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
62Sunit Bailbail.s@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
63Tanay Bhagwatbhagwat.t@northeastern.eduCOSStudent Affairs Committee
64Ujjwal Singlasingla.u@northeastern.eduCOEStrategic Planning Committee
65Vaishnavi Gadvegadve.v@northeastern.eduCOEStudent Affairs Committee
66Venkata Phani Devulapallydevulapally.v@northeastern.eduCOEFinancial Affairs Committee