Graduate Student Government (GSG)

Our Purpose

The Graduate Student Government is the official voice of you, the Graduate Student Community. The GSG actively pursues a goal of improving graduate student life. We do so by listening to those we represent. It serves as the umbrella organization for the graduate student body and is the voice of the graduate students.

Who we serve

We serve all graduate, professional, and law students enrolled in the graduate colleges of Northeastern University.

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The Executive Board

The executive board of the GSG consists of the six elected officers. Each officer is elected annually by the general assembly in April elections. The duties and responsibilities of each Officer are outlined in the GSG constitution and the executive board by-laws.

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The Senate

The Senators represent each of the many university colleges. Their duty is to present concerns of their respective schools and departments as well as to vote on issues brought up at the Senate meetings. Senate Meetings are held twice monthly (except in months with holidays or vacations) during the academic year.

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