Graduate Student Government (GSG)


Alex Hruska
Masters in Bioengineering

Alex crossed The Fens last year to come to Northeastern after finishing his engineering degrees at BU. At NU, Alex is pursuing a master’s degree in Bioengineering, where he uses biomimetic models to study how a cancer cell’s microenvironment contributes to metastasis. While his research involves asking questions at a microscopic level to affect change in translational health, his discontent with the ethos of the 2016 presidential election made him take a more macroscopic look at solutions for positive change. Alex joined Graduate Student Government as a way to help himself and other graduate students bring the ingenuity we have for our research to civic engagement. In GSG, Alex works to aide graduate students in forging a balance between academic success and personal interests through supporting student organizations that empower the NU community. In his free time, he enjoys going on runs in the Arboretum next to his apartment in JP as a reminder of home in the Delaware Valley. Alex encourages graduate students to reach out to the GSG team to inquire about anything from starting a student group, to setting up a collaboration, or with help connecting you to resources at NU.


Executive Vice President 


Cristhy Mattos
M.D. Sustainable Urban Environment, College of Arts Media and Design

Cristhy found out about the GSG when she had a conversation with the former VP of Programs and Operations during her orientation. In that moment she felt that she should be part of that team because she knows how important it is for students to be organized and have a voice inside the university.During her first year at NU, Cristhy noticed that students should have more contact with each other, share their research and have opportunities to connect with others from both similar and different research fields. Cristhy served on the GSG executive board from 2016 – 2017 as the VP of Programs and Operations, where her goal was to create events for students to connect. With this experience, she was honored to be elected as the first Executive Vice President of GSG. She hopes to create solid ground for future generations of this position, in addition to increasing the visibility of GSG on campus and connecting even more students.
Cristhy is currently enrolled in a Master’s Program in Sustainable Urban Environments at the College of Architecture – CAMD. Her passions are Organic Architecture, Urban Design, visual arts, performance, and dance! She also enjoys learning about different cultures and connecting with people. Please do not hesitate to contact her!


Vice President of Marketing and Outreach


Isha Srivastava
Masters in Computer Science, CCIS

Isha believes that, ‘one should always do things that they love doing’. She enjoys coding, but being involved in student affairs is something that she is passionate about. She has done her undergraduate in Computer Engineering from Mumbai, India. She was the head of the cultural committee back in her college.She was also representing them for various inter-university Sports, Dance and Personality competitions. The student Government at Northeastern gave her a chance to voice her opinions and bring about change. As the vice president of Marketing and Outreach, She got a chance to reach out to various departments and students.

Her interests include playing sports, travelling, getting clicked, dancing and meeting new people. She loves animals and strives to work towards saving the environment. Helping to sustain the concrete jungle along with the environment is one of her primary goals. She has worked in professional environments of Verizon and Ernst and Young.

Her Life motto :-
“Life is wonderful, live it to the fullest. Try making this world a better place.
Leaving you with the three E’s Explore, Empathize and Enjoy. ”


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Amulya Shastry
MS in Bioinformatics, College of Science

Amulya is a firm believer of what this Sanskrit shloka quotes “If you don’t put in effort, you won’t gain either knowledge or joy”. It’s true that with hard work and confidence you can move mountains! And she claims to have experienced this throughout her life.

Amulya is a Master’s Student in Bioinformatics and she hails from India. It was during her school days when she encountered her abilities as a leader. Since then, Amulya has been closely involved with various student organizations and has served in the positions of different ranks.

When she came across Graduate Student Government, she admitted that she was very influenced by the kind of work it was doing. She wanted to be a part of it and when the opportunity was presented in the form of a position in the executive board, she didn’t fail to grab it.

GSG has truly inspired her with its dedicated efforts towards betterment of graduate student life on campus. She is honored to be a part of this team! Speaking about her Personal goals, Amulya is working towards the betterment of society with her contribution towards personalized medicine. She is a published author, with two books in the market and a creative blogger. She claims to be an extrovert who is extremely goal oriented, a skilled biologist and now a code savvy. She has also represented her undergraduate university in various intercollegiate championships. She enjoys dancing, trekking and occasional binge watching.
She says “I am excited to be a part of GSG for the second time and I believe that the experience I have gained over the past term will be put to use in making better decisions and cultivating better outcomes”.


Vice President of Finance


Abhishek Garg

Abhishek is our VP Finance and Bachelor’s in Production Engineering and pursuing Master’s education in Operations Research at NU. During his Bachelor’s, he was involved in the University Student Council for three years and worked for constant growth of student community by closely working with higher administration and voicing concerns of students to them.

Here at Northeastern, he chose to be a part of GSG as he wants to work for constant improvement of graduate community and wants to work with people from different parts of world, learn about various cultures and gain a diverse experience at NU. He applied for the position of VP Finance so that he can learn more about how corporate finance works, get involved with the higher administration in a better fashion and contribute to the student welfare projects on first hand basis.

He wants to make a career for myself as an Operations Analyst in a financial institution. Has gained skills in mathematical modelling, optimization, machine learning and statistics.



Vice President of Student Affairs

Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh
Ph.D. Candidate, Law & Public Policy, CSSH

Rini is an Indo-Candian – born in Canada brought up in India. She received her Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto where she was extremely involved in politics as the President of the Faculty Student Council for 2 years and the university-wide student union for a year. After she graduated she ran for public office in the Ontario Provincial elections and the Canadian Federal elections respectively.

Her current research focuses on healthcare related policy-making and her dissertation is on the post partum care experience in Baby Friendly Hospitals in North America.  She is an adjunct lecturer at the Bouvé College of Health Sciences and teaches courses on the American Healthcare System and Global Health.

Rini strongly believes that  one must take an interest in their surroundings and the community they live in, in order to live a holistic life. This is why she got involved in the GSG as soon as she could at Northeastern. She is proud to have dedicated years working on the betterment of the graduate student experience at Northeastern University as President for 3 years and now as Vice-President of Student Affairs.

Rini is the proud parent to a giant dog and tiny baby and lives in Malden with her husband.



Vice President of Programs and admin

Paras Chedda