Graduate Student Government (GSG)



Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh
Ph.D. Student, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

My name is Rini, and I am entering my 3rd year of my PhD program in the Department of Law and Public Policy. I am Canadian by birth and Indian of origin. I went to the University of Toronto for my Bachelors, where I was extremely involved in student politics as President of the Faculty Student Council for 2 years and the university-wide student union for a year. After I graduated I ran for public office in the Ontario Provincial elections and Canadian Federal elections respectively. My current research work focuses on healthcare related policy-making.

My hobbies include –  politics, reading, singing, dancing and cooking.

I believe that one must take an interest in their surroundings and the community they live in, in order to live a holistic existence. This is why I got involved in the GSG as soon as I got my bearings in my new home – the city of Boston. I really do hope that we will get to meet you and your friends at one of our many events that we are planning this year. Please feel free to drop by the office during our office hours to  let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or even if you feel like a quick chat. I personally, would love to meet graduate students at NEU and work on building a strong graduate student community together.


Vice President of Student Affairs


Vijayeta Singh
Ph.D, Law & Public Policy, College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Hello! I am from the state of Bihar in India, a region known for rich cultural heritage and great historical significance but one that has been stigmatized for lack of growth and development. Growing up, I have witnessed around me, multi-dimensional impacts of poverty and lack of education across different sections of the society. To me, education is one of the most empowering experiences any individual can go through in a lifetime and I feel extremely privileged to have gone through one.

I did my Masters at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, in Social Entrepreneurship. I have over three years of experience working with international development organizations on issues that impact lives and livelihoods of poor and/or vulnerable communities across geographies in India. I have worked very closely with cycle-rickshaw pullers in India and studied the nuances of cycle-rickshaw industry and its implications on the economy. As Ashoka Youth Venture Fellow, I founded ‘My Education My Voice’ that worked on bringing in student voice in education reform. I started my Ph.D. at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern in 2013 and my research looks at the politics of Eminent Domain and Land Acquisition.

Having already done my Masters, I am quite familiar with graduate student life and the issues that come with it. To me, work-study-life balance is at the heart of any graduate student life, particularly in the US where a large number of students have jobs and work in different capacities. Therefore, it is important that the campus life provides enough space and opportunities to graduate students in unique ways so that they can maneuver through their graduate student lifespans with ease. I joined GSG as a Senator to be better informed about graduate student activities and contribute to its development in ways I could. Later, I stood for and was elected as the VP of Media and Membership with the objective of availing better avenues for contributing to the development of graduate student body on campus, particularly on the communications front. Through this role, I will represent the voices of graduate student community and convey their issues and concerns on a regular basis.I am very fond of traveling and cooking. I swim, dance, run, gym etc. to be fit and peaceful. I believe in spirituality and connecting with the greater force in our lives.


Vice President of Media and Membership


Isha Srivastava
Masters in Computer Science, CCIS


I believe that, one should always do things that they love doing. I enjoy coding, but being involved in student affairs is something that I am passionate about. I have done my undergraduate in Computer Engineering from Mumbai, India. I was the head of the cultural committee back in my college. Was also representing them for various inter-university Sports, Dance and Personality competitions. The student Government at Northeastern gave me a chance to voice our opinions and bring about change. As the vice president of Media and Membership, I get a chance to reach out to various departments and students.

Talking about my interests ~ I love playing sports, travelling, getting clicked, dancing and yes talking!! So please free to come and interact with me, for even the minutest queries. I love animals and strive to work towards saving the environment. Helping to sustain the concrete jungle along with environment is one of my primary goals. Have worked towards this during my short work tenure at Ernst and Young.

Life is wonderful, live it to the fullest. Try making this world a better place.
Leaving you with the three E’s Explore, Empathize and Enjoy.


Vice President of Programs and Administration


Cristhy Mattos
M.D. Sustainable Urban Environment, College of Arts Media and Design

On the welcoming celebration of my program I heard the former VP of Programs and Administration explaining about GSG, and in that moment I felt that I should be part of this team because I know how important is for the students to be organized and have a voice inside the university.

During my first year at NU I notice that students could have more contact with each other, share their research and have opportunities to connect with others from the same or different research field. So, now as a VP of Programs and Administration my goal is to foster and produce activities and events where students can enjoy and connect.

I’m from Brazil, and during my Undergraduate program I was part of the undergraduate students government and also from the team that organized the graduation party. I really enjoy learning about different cultures, and connect with people.My passions are Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design, drawing, performance and dance!We have lots of upcoming events this semester and we hope to see you there!
Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Vice President of Finance


Abhishek Garg

Hi everyone my name is Abhishek and I am from India. I have done my Bachelor’s in Production Engineering and am pursuing Master’s education in Operations Research at NU. During my Bachelor’s, I was involved in the University Student Council for three years and worked for constant growth of student community by closely working with higher administration and voicing concerns of students to them.

Here at Northeastern, I chose to be a part of GSG as I want to work for constant improvement of graduate community and want to work with people from different parts of world, learn about various cultures and have a diverse experience at NU. I applied for the position of VP Finance so that I can learn more about how corporate finance works, get involved with the higher administration in a better fashion and contribute to the student welfare projects on first hand basis.

I am wanting to make a career for myself as an Operations Analyst in a financial institution. Have gained skills in mathematical modelling, optimization, machine learning and statistics. I want to work on a project that optimizes financial processes using machine learning techniques and hence, improves efficiency and results.