5 Top Vancouver Tech Events in 2021

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Tech is growing faster than ever, and with 1.35 million tech startups all competing to be the next great innovator, we can expect that growth to continue over the next few years. Networking, learning, and finding new talent will become even more powerful tools for growth. Conferences and summits offer tech professionals the chance to do all of that and more, introducing them to new ideas, people, and techniques that can advance their careers. 

Though many of the top Vancouver tech events have been cancelled this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, others have moved online or plan to go on as planned later in 2020. Check out some upcoming technology conferences in Vancouver this year, and take advantage of the pivot to virtual events by browsing completely online events from cities all over the world if you’re looking for even more professional development opportunities.  

Top Vancouver Tech Events in 2020

1. Data Connectors 

Date: July 16 

Data Connectors has gathered a strong panel of cybersecurity experts for its annual conference, which has been moved online for 2020. Log in for the latest on email security, modern threat deception tactics and defenses, security in application development, and more. Designated question and answer sessions ensure you have plenty of time to speak with industry pros, and several breaks throughout the busy day allow attendees to virtually stop by vendor booths to get a look at some of the latest cybersecurity products from innovative companies around the world. 

2. VR/AR Global Summit 

Date: September 16-18 

Traditionally held in Vancouver, the VR/AR Global Summit has transitioned to online events this year. The event will connect virtual and augmented reality experts and products with enterprise, media, and entertainment companies. Past participants have included Amazon, Google, Snapchat, Hasbro, and KPMG, among other big names in the industry. Increased interest in virtual and augmented reality has made the VR/AR Global Summit a popular place to learn about and discuss these technologies, and even professionals who don’t work with them yet may find the conference intriguing. The summit’s June dates hosted more than 11,000 attendees, 250 speakers, and thousands of interactive one-on-one and networking sessions, and September is likely to be another blockbuster event. 

3. Future Technologies Conference 

Date: November 5-6 

The Future Technologies Conference has it all: computing, electronics, robotics, security, and communications breakthroughs will all be on display in two activity-packed days. This research-focused event typically attracts experienced academic researchers, PhD and graduate students, think tanks, and tech developers from around the world, with more than 50 countries represented at last year’s event. You’ll have the opportunity to network with them through hundreds of available presentations and demos, which are thoughtfully organized into tracks like trends, AI, eLearning, and more for those who want to take a deep dive into their areas of interest. The conference plans to move online if necessary but is currently slated to be held live in Vancouver this fall. 

4. iTech 2020 

Date: November 10

The iTech 2020 conference is Canada’s leading IT event and focuses on infrastructure, security, data centres, mobility, and the cloud. Attendees will get the opportunity to discover cutting edge products and technologies, network with industry professionals, view tech demonstrations, and participate in seminar sessions throughout the day. Online webinars on iTech’s site can keep you sharp year-round, so visit the event’s site early to register for one-hour sessions on IoT, cyber recovery, artificial intelligence, and more through a cybersecurity lens. 

5. Traction

Date: Ongoing 

Though the on-ground Traction conference was cancelled this year, organizers have brought the experience online with several live webinars throughout the summer and a treasure trove of previously-recorded conference sessions for you to create a personalized learning experience.  Previous attendees consider Traction one of the best tech conferences available, making these sessions can’t-miss opportunities. The event has a strong startup focus, and tech entrepreneurs in every specialty will find the opportunity to learn about best practices in both business and tech rewarding.

Get Ready for More 

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