Develop Career Resilience at Northeastern

Preparing for the workplace of the future has never been more critical. As the nature of work changes and technologies rapidly advance, professionals’ skills must change, too. Employers are on the lookout for flexible candidates with current skills who can readily adapt to change. This is why Northeastern has developed 10 new Career Resiliency Workshops designed by experts to help you stand out today and advance in the future.

Investing in your professional development ensures you’ll have what it takes to move forward no matter what role you encounter next. Beginning on March 8, Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies will offer three-week-long virtual workshops to help you gain the skills employers want. Read on to learn more about the benefits of enrolling. 

Ready to Future-Proof Your Career?

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Why Enroll in Northeastern’s Career Resiliency Workshops?

Here are four ways Northeastern’s Career Resiliency Workshops can help you take your career to the next level. 

1. You’ll gain in-demand skills. 

Designed by expert practitioners, these workshops teach high-demand skills that prepare you to thrive, no matter your industry. These virtual workshops help professionals develop critical skills in leadership, management, data literacy, and analytics—all of which are considered essential for the future of work and innovation.

By enrolling in these workshops, you’ll gain practical skills to help you advance and evolve in the following areas: 

Leadership and Management

Cultivating Personal and Professional Resilience

This workshop will leverage behavioral science solutions to help professionals handle adversity during times of uncertainty and change. With the help of experts, you’ll learn strategies for developing habits that ensure individual and organizational well-being. 

Developing Your Leadership Capability 

In this course, you’ll discover, develop, and design your own leadership profile through self-assessment, skill-building, and reflection. After identifying your personal strengths and opportunities, you’ll chart your own path forward with unique leadership strategies for success

Leading Remote Teams

It’s critical to prepare for the interpersonal and intercultural challenges of leadership in the modern workplace. In this course, you’ll learn strategies and tactics for creating and managing a high-functioning virtual team.

Supportive Feedback and Coaching for Professionals

Supportive feedback has been found to enhance an individual’s self-efficacy and positively impact employee behavior. In this course, you’ll learn how to apply principles of effective communication through self-observation and develop a coaching plan for your organization.

Enhancing Your Cultural Awareness

Diversity in the workplace can ignite innovation. Throughout this course, you’ll learn to assess important issues like diversity perception and implicit bias, improve your cross-cultural communication, and achieve self-awareness about your role in cultivating diverse environments. 

Data Literacy and Analytics

Data Literary Fundamentals

This course is the first step toward data literacy with practical, hands-on opportunities to explore the role of data in the workplace. In this course, you’ll learn how to think critically about statistics, work with common data visualizations, and communicate with data more effectively. 

Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking is required across industries. This course will help you develop or refine this key skill through analysis, evaluation, and exploration of sample arguments and rules of reasoning. 

AI Readiness

This course will help you champion AI in your organization. During this workshop, you’ll receive tactical guidance on evaluating AI integration opportunities and gain real-world insight into the successful execution of AI projects. 

Stats for Starters

In this course, you’ll learn fundamental statistical concepts and procedures through hands-on experience with IBM SPSS Statistics software to support your organization’s core processes.

Exploring Python

Python is one of today’s most popular programming languages—and one of the easiest for beginners to learn. In this course, you’ll establish the foundational skills to program in Python and learn how to leverage the language for data analysis. 

2. You’ll enjoy flexible and personalized learning.

Northeastern’s professional development workshops will be delivered virtually over three weeks, allowing you to fit continuous learning into your busy schedule. You can take as many workshops as you’d like to maximize your customized learning experience and tailor the program to your unique career goals.

You’ll also have the opportunity to assess your skill level at the beginning and end of each workshop to develop a personalized action plan that details how you can implement your learning right now and in the future.

All learning will be done in a digital, asynchronous format via Canvas, Northeastern’s learning management platform, which offers a personalized dashboard and user experience. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to regularly share and compare their perspectives with peers in Canvas discussion boards as they “practice” on-the-job.

3. You can apply your credits toward a future degree.

While these workshops can act as stand-alone experiences, the learning doesn’t have to end when the program does. Once you finish a workshop, you’ll earn credits that can be transferred into a master’s or bachelor’s completion program within Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies,  either now or in the future. 

Participants who complete three workshops and one quarter-hour reflection receive credit equal to a four-quarter hour course towards a degree.

4. You’ll earn a Level 2 badge to help demonstrate your skills to employers. 

Additionally, participants who complete a workshop will earn a resumé-boosting Level 2 badge in recognition of their new skills. These microcredentials help demonstrate official skill development and training and can help you stand out among peers. 

Badge earners can share the badge via social media sites or incorporate them in professional branding tools, including e-portfolios and personal websites. Others, including peers and potential employers, will then be able to see when the badge was issued, the skills gained, and the earning criteria. This transparency creates the badge’s credibility in the marketplace and makes it a great way to communicate skills and competencies across professional networks. 

Ready to Future-Proof Your Career?

Whatever your background, our program can help you gain the skills you’ll need to create resilience in your career. Visit the homepage to learn about the workshops, or enroll now, and get ready to take your career to the next level.