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Introducing Hybrid NUflex—study in person or remotely this fall. Learn More.

How Craig Gruber Is Helping Homeland Security Students Put Ideas Into Action

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Dr. Craig Gruber is all about fostering and developing a well-trained national security workforce for the foreseeable future.

That means getting out ahead of trends by being proactive. This ensures his students won’t just fill needs today, but will be able to sustain in these positions down the line. Dr. Gruber draws on his military experience as a Navy officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves, as well as his years of experience in academia to predict emerging trends.

He also encourages an open dialogue with his graduate students in the Homeland Security program. This open dialogue, which takes place both in the classroom and online, further develops ideas—ideas that are put into action.

Most recently, Dr. Gruber’s graduate students created white papers used by the U.S. National Guard, something that’s not entirely new for his students. The majority of Northeastern graduate students are already high-ranking members of various government organizations, ready to take the next step. That’s why Dr. Gruber specifically tailors his program to help them find new roles with greater responsibilities.

“We’re looking for those people who really want to be on the front line when emergencies happen,” he said.

With a network like this, you can take command of your career.