Gordon Fellow 2015
MS in Mechanical Engineering 2016


Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems


Mechanical Engineer at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

Undergraduate School

Northeastern University

Undergraduate Major

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Tom Fuhrmann began his engineering career at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. He quickly recognized that while working for a large organization offered many unique opportunities, it also posed challenges gaining visibility with senior management. Being a great engineer was not going to be enough; Tom knew he needed to develop his leadership acumen to stand out from his peers. He considered a technical Master’s program, but understood the significance of functional learning and wanted an experience that would translate directly to being more effective in his day to day work environment. When he found out about the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, Tom realized that it would push him to step forward and get him on the fast track to accelerating his career.

“Half way through the program and even more so upon completion of the program, I became much more aware and attuned to the needs and direction of the team I was on. I was able to understand the big picture. In addition, I was able to understand my own strengths as well as areas to further develop.”

Tom successfully completed his Challenge Project determining opportunities to optimize production of complex high strength weldments. This contributed significantly to the business and established a robust approach which could be applied across other programs. The Challenge Project was a unique opportunity for Tom to create a cross-functional team of subject matter experts at Raytheon in order to accomplish the project’s common goal.

Within a month of completing the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, Tom was promoted to lead the team he had been part of. “I had arrived at a team meeting during which an opportunity to step up presented itself. It became clear to me what needed to be done so I took the reins and provided direction. I felt like I was in a zone: I took charge and led the team. The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program equipped me with the situational awareness and confidence necessary to take the lead.”

Tom can pinpoint many benefits of attending the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership. Primarily, the hands-on leadership development training has had a significant impact on Tom’s career trajectory. In addition, Tom recommends the Engineering Leadership Program for the networking opportunities with like-minded, high-achieving engineering professionals from a range of industries.

“The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program is truly a transformational program. Not only did I notice the change happen, but so did those around me. My confidence, my awareness of my surroundings, and ultimately, my ability to take the lead has benefited me professionally and personally.”

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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