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Tom Cashavelly is Lead Software Systems Engineer at The MITRE Corporation and a 2013 Gordon Fellow. Since graduating from the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership, Tom has seen a significant difference in his career development. His ability to see the big picture, to work cross-functionally with a range of teams, and to communicate clearly and confidently have helped him stand out from his engineering peers.

At the core of the Gordon Engineering Leadership curriculum is the polar plot of fourteen engineering leadership capabilities (informally referred to as the “spider chart”). Tom points to that as being one of the key takeaways from his experience at the Gordon Institute. Developing a practical knowledge of and ability to apply these leadership capabilities in his day-to-day work environment has been key to Tom’s career development.

“‘Having a vision’ and ‘realizing the vision’ are key elements I apply in my career. I now have the tools and capabilities to do what is necessary along the way in order to reach that end goal. I didn’t have that ability before the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program.”

Tom’s Challenge Project focused on closing the gaps on new technologies that emerged with the development of war fighting capabilities. The Challenge Project was the first opportunity for Tom to see the whole product development process from the design requirements to the product deployment to the end user. It allowed Tom to directly apply what he had been learning in class into his work and Project.

“The Challenge Project was an opportunity for all of the Gordon Candidates to apply their leadership capabilities, while simultaneously getting feedback and guidance from their Gordon Mentors, who are industry-experts and leaders in their fields.”

Ultimately, Tom would recommend the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program to his engineering peers for three key reasons: “First, the Program helps you develop a specific leadership skillset that you can’t find elsewhere. Second, you’re armed with tools to stand out from your peers. I have the confidence now to step out of my comfort zone and play a more integral role; these are areas that I wouldn’t have been able to improve without attending the Program. Finally, it increases your ability to multi-task, prioritize, manage time, be efficient, and delegate.”

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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