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Founded in 1999, Genscape measures market fundamentals using thousands of patented monitors strategically deployed worldwide, delivering exceptional insight and intelligence to clients.

Genscape has partnered with The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership by sponsoring unaffiliated Gordon Candidates’ Challenge Projects. The Challenge Project is a key component of the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL): it is the mechanism through which a product or process of value and impact is developed by Gordon Candidates on behalf of their organizations. The Challenge Projects are the culmination of leadership training and technical skill development by Gordon Candidates as they deliver valuable and quantifiable results to the sponsoring companies.

Leonard Garabedian, Director of Internal Tools Engineering, and Sarah Madden, Director of Talent Management, want to ensure the Gordon Candidates have an enriching experience at Genscape. To do so, the company aligns the students with impactful Challenge Projects that push the business forward in some substantial way. They have been impressed by the Gordon Candidates’ readiness to take on such large and long-term projects.

The students are brought on board as interns for the duration of the Challenge Project, and given the successful project results, are typically hired full-time. Leonard and Sarah appreciate how quickly Gordon Candidates become part of the team and the company:

“When GEL Candidates first start, we’re always impressed by their professionalism, rapid familiarity with Genscape, and awareness of how they can contribute to the business and meet their goals,” said Sarah.

“One example of such commitment is Gordon Fellow Talia. She was a determined, quick-learner who took initiative and collaborated cross-functionally with other teams. She surpassed all expectations, and upon completion of the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, she came on board full-time. She was nominated by her peers and rewarded one of Genscape’s Annual Awards called “Rookie of the Year”. She has now relocated internationally with Genscape and continues to grow in her new career.”

“We’re impressed by the high caliber of students at The Gordon Institute,” said Leonard. “They see the big picture, they have strong communication skills, and they take the project and go, without much guidance or hand-holding.”

“Gordon Fellow Adrienne exemplified a strong work ethic and leadership capabilities. She quickly immersed herself and positioned herself as a dependable project leader. She communicated very clearly and just as importantly listened attentively to the teams’ needs. As the project progressed and transitioned to the next phase, she was able to identify efficiencies across the board and present them to others. Once she joined the company as a full-time employee, Adrienne was also rewarded with the ‘Rookie of the Year’ Award.”

“The Gordon Candidates take their Challenge Projects to the next level. They are very engaged, capable, and collaborative,” said Leonard. “For them, the Challenge Projects are not just for a grade or for completing the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program. For them, the Challenge Projects are an opportunity to achieve something valuable and meaningful. They really want these projects to succeed and for the company to succeed through their work.”

Genscape, along with other Industry Partners of The Gordon Institute, seeks out Gordon Candidates and employees with a strong technical and interpersonal skillset.

“We are impressed by the Gordon Candidates’ strong communication skills. Being able to work with a variety of personalities, cross-cultural differences, and varying degrees of skills is very valuable and can impact the direction and success of the Challenge Project,” said Sarah. “They are able to collaborate with employees who work remotely and adapt to different opportunities and situations.”

“A recent graduate of The Gordon Institute, Vilma, is an example of that can-do attitude. She took the initiative to reach out to all the cross-functional and global teams on her project. Quickly, she established herself as a trusted leader who worked diligently with senior team members in identifying all the specs needed in preparation for the code to be built. She embodied key leadership traits that she cultivated at The Gordon Institute. Also, she was the first intern to be awarded a Spot Award at Genscape!”

The Gordon Institute and Genscape mutually benefit from their partnerships through which Gordon Candidates can take on Challenge Projects that benefit the sponsoring company. The Gordon Institute invites other companies across industries to partner with. For more information, please visit our Prospective Industry Partners section.

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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