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Harry Malkasian, VP of Equipment Development; '12 Gordon Fellow
Brian Eller, COO


1366 Technologies provides customers with high-performance silicon wafers that both leverage their existing billion-dollar cell and module investments and enable a long-term, differentiated product roadmap.

We are proud at The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership at Northeastern University to have many great relationships with leading technology organizations in and around Boston. One such organization is 1366 Technologies, Inc. 1366 Technologies is paving the way for the future of solar energy around the globe by innovating and developing high-performance silicon wafers that will help solar power to become the most cost efficient source of energy on the planet. We recently sat down with Harry Malkasian, VP of Equipment Development and 2012 Gordon Fellow, and Brian Eller, Chief Operating Officer at 1366 Technologies to talk about The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program and how partnering with the Gordon Institute has helped drive success for both their organization as well as current and past students employed there.

As a Gordon Fellow and member of the leadership team at 1366, Harry understands the value of leadership in the success of an organization. As a Gordon Engineering Leadership Program graduate, Harry said that “a big part of going through the program is understanding yourself and knowing how you show up in a team of people. It’s important to know what your norms, strengths, and weaknesses are. One of the things about the program that resonated for me was a quote I heard from Simon when he was my Gordon Mentor. He said “There is no one more responsible for how you spend your time than you.” I had a lot going on in my life when I decided to attend the Gordon Institute but I believe that the best things we achieve come when we’re not exactly sure how we’re going to do it, but we take that leap. The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program takes a no excuses approach and teaches you to be accountable and to do more than you thought you could. The program helped me to understand myself with engineering teams and gave me confidence in the decisions I make looking at issues from multiple lenses and perspectives. I feel this really helped me when I came to 1366 because it was a new industry for me and we had a lot of challenges to overcome as a team.”


Silicon Wafers

Because of the valuable experiences he gained through The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, Harry has since brought two additional Gordon Fellows, Ray Fraser and Diego Haddad, onto his team. Ray stood out because “he was an ambitious and resourceful problem solver who came in ready to get the job done,” Harry said. Diego impressed me with his “competence, demeanor, and communication ability. That made it an easy decision to bring him on to my team,” Harry said. Both demonstrated healthy awareness of self and situation that are highlighted throughout the Gordon program. “As a project manager, Diego received a lot of top-down help when he first arrived at 1366, but as he progressed through the Gordon program and became more familiar with our group, he demonstrated his keen abilities and became an integral member of our Process Team,” said Brian, COO.

Brian has been very happy with the caliber and work ethic of employees coming out of the Gordon Institute. Brian stated, “I am learning more about the program as I gain experience with these very good employees, but the value and common thread that I see in each of them is they have a great deal of ambition. They don’t wait for instructions when faced with issues but rather consistently find a way through the obstacles. I’d like to think this is something that the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program is instilling in these graduates.”

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