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Fikst Product Development


Mechanical Engineer

Undergraduate School

Northeastern University

Undergraduate Major

Mechanical Engineering

After completing his undergraduate degree, Trevor Ruggiero was quick to consider the next steps for his career.  In addition to securing a fulltime position at Fikst Product Development, he began examining his options for graduate school.

“I was interested in possibly pursuing a business degree such as an MBA,” says Ruggiero.  “The Gordon Program seemed like a better solution because I could get similar experience as an MBA but also focus on the technical aspect.  I really enjoy doing technical work, so I wanted to add that to my resume, as well.”

Fikst is a consulting company, so Ruggiero’s project naturally involved focusing on a specific customer contract.  In the end, he believes that developing his project’s theoretical model of a low flow desiccant HVAC system provided benefits for both the customer and his organization.

“It broadened our portfolio of capabilities,” says Ruggiero.  “Being able to do a lot of things reasonably well is one of the benefits of working with our company, so expanding the range of things we do well has value.”

Moving forward, Ruggiero sees potential for his organization to continue its involvement with Northeastern University.

“The program helped us get connected with the greater community at Northeastern,” says Ruggiero.  “One of my bosses came to a conference here, and there may be some potential for future collaboration.  Being in consulting, it’s always good to be part of those communities.”

Ruggiero believes the program has prepared him to take on more leadership roles in the growing organization.

“In the long term, it will make me a better engineering leader,” says Ruggiero.  “A lot of the learning from this program is stuff that the faculty has learned over a 40-year period.  If I can have all that learning at 25, I’ll be a much better leader at 45.”

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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