Spring 2018 Distinguished Speaker Series
Gordon Program

On February 15th, our Distinguished Speaker will be Joan Cullinane, Senior Director of Product Lifecycle and Technology, SPARC Operations, at Oracle. 

Date:  Thursday, February 15, 2018
Time:  7:00- 8:00pm
Location:  431 Stearns Cente

Joan Cullinane is an alumni of Northeastern University holding both a MSME and BSME. She holds an MBA from the Whittemore School of Business at the University of New Hampshire.

She has been in high-technology during her career working with Apollo,Hewlett Packard, Digital, Sun Microsystems, and most recently Oracle. She has worked in Product Design and Supplier Management while at HP, and Commodity Engineering while at Digital. Her stay at Apollo Computer included Best in Session Paper at the Industry Interconnect Symposium based upon her research on interconnect contact design and normal forces, leading to recognition by AMP (now Tyco) advertising as standards for interconnects. While at Sun, Joan received the Change Agent Poster Recognition by Scott McNealy for her contributions within Operations as the Concurrent Engineering leader.

Currently, Senior Director in Supply Chain Operations, supporting both the SPARC and Communication Global Businesses delivering hardware solutions from  New Product Life Cycle to Hardware Release and End-of-Life Phases. Her team is globally dispersed as so is her supply chain supporting complex high-technology solutions.

Prior to Oracle, Joan was the President of Velcro USA and prior to that held the position of VP of Operations for Velcro USA. Her accomplishments included bringing Velcro to 50 year mark overhauling an antiquated manufacturing process and design along with re-engineering the Business Markets for Consumer, Industrial, Commercial, and Construction Portfolios.

Most recently, Joan won the Manufacturing Leadership Award (ML100) for Supply Chain Leadership in 2017 and prior in 2014. Also, Joan’s Personnel Development program LEAP (learn, engage, accelerate Program) earned finalist spot in 2017 SCM World Personnel Development category.

In 2013 Joan was awarded Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Leadership Award (TWIN) recognized in San Jose, CA.

As true Boston alumni she has run the Boston Marathon six times during her career to bring her back close to Northeastern University in her spare time!



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