Gordon Engineering Leadership Program

March 17, 2010

Time: 11:45 – 1:15

Location: 431 Stearns Center, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Speaker: Eric Bailey, President and CEO, NeuroLogica Corporation

Title: “Leading Engineering Success: Delivering Complex Systems to High-Risk Markets”

Eric Bailey is CEO and President of NeuroLogica Corporation, which he founded in 2004 to produce medical imaging systems and devices to improve global healthcare of the brain. NeuroLogica has the stated mission “to bring access to high quality medical imaging to all people regardless of where they live and to combine image quality and access so as to enable physicians to make more informed treatment decisions, especially in stroke and trauma emergencies, saving and improving patient lives.” Its first inventive product is the CereTom™, the world’s first portable head/neck Computed Tomography (CT) scanner which is battery operated, cordless, wireless and can be brought to patients, wherever they are: be it ICU bed, operating table, or remote village. The scanner is in use in some of the most renowned hospitals in the USA such as Lahey Clinic, Massachusetts General, UCLA, Cleveland Clinic, and Columbia Presbyterian as well as smaller institutions like Intermountain Stroke Center in Utah. The CereTom™ has won several product innovation awards including the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award 2006, Business Week: Top Ten Lifesaving devices, and Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation award. The company also won the prestigious SBANE (small business association of New England) Innovation award.

Eric served as Vice President of Engineering at Analogic Corp. where he led the development of the world’s first multi-slice CT scanner which is now used in major airports for explosives detection of checked luggage. This pioneering development foresaw medical CT scanners that now use multi-slice technology which has revolutionized non-invasive diagnostic imaging and healthcare. Multi-slice CT has enabled such techniques as peripheral non-invasive angiography, cardiac scanning, perfusion imaging, surgical navigation, and oncology treatment planning. Eric also pioneered other forms of medical products such as the world’s first SPECT/CT for cancer diagnosis and the world’s first CT image guided radiation treatment system. These products contributed to Analogic to being named “Massachusetts Company of the Year” in 2003.

Eric started as an engineering officer in the Air Force during the peak of the cold war. He held key development positions in the nuclear ICBM program and ran two underground nuclear tests with worldwide visibility. Following his service in the USAF he served as one of the youngest program managers at Northrop Corp. history and ran development programs on guidance systems for many of the tactical weapon systems used in the first Gulf war. Eric graduated from The Citadel Military College with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1984. He has been granted/pending over 25 patents and is often asked to give lectures on medical imaging. He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Bio-Medical Engineering from Northeastern University for his achievements in Medical, Security, and Aerospace products. He was recently named as one of the top 30 most influential people in the field of Medical Radiology. He is also featured at the Boston Museum of Science exhibit on “Innovative Engineers” as well as on ESPN and Discovery channel on traumatic brain injury.

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