MS in Engineering and Public Policy with a Concentration in Infrastructure Resilience

Total Semester Hours Required: 36

Students pursing the MS in Engineering and Public Policy with a Concentration in  Infrastructure Resilience with Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership must complete 16 Semester Hours of required GEL coursework and 20 Semester Hours of coursework Energy and Public Policy.

Please refer to Civil Engineering homepage for the most up-to-date course requirements and other program information.

Plan of Study

All students will complete the following required Gordon Engineering Leadership coursework.

They will also complete coursework related to Engineering and Public Policy with a concentration in Energy & Environment

Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (16 Semester Hours)
ENLR 5121 Engineering Leadership 1 2
ENLR 5122 Engineering Leadership 2 2
ENLR 5131 Scientific Principles of Engineering 1 2
ENLR 5132 Scientific Principles of Engineering 2 2
ENLR 7440 Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 1 4
ENLR 7442 Engineering Leadership Challenge Project 2 4
Infrastructure Resilience
CIVE 7110 Critical Infrastructure Resilience  4
Environmental Systems Modeling - Complete 4 semester hours of the following:
CIVE 5275 Life Cycle Assessment of Materials, Products, and Infrastructure 4
CIVE 5261
Dynamic Modeling for Environmental Investment and Policy Making
CIVE 5280 Remote Sensing of the Environment 4
CIVE 7388  Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Urban Informatics) 4
CIVE 7392  Special Topics in Environmental Engineering (Agent-Based Modeling) 4
Economics- Complete 4 semester hours of the following:
ECON 7210 Applied Microeconomic Policy Analysis 4
LPSC 6313 Economic Analysis for Law, Policy, and Planning 4
Public Policy and Analysis- Complete 4 semester hours of the following:
LPSC 7311 Strategizing Public Policy 4
PPUA 6506 Techniques of Policy Analysis 4
PPUA 6509 Techniques of Program Evaluation 4
Statistics- Complete 4 semester hours of the following:
CIVE 7100 Applied Time Series and Spatial Statistics 4
IE 6200 Engineering Probability and Statistics 4
IE 7280 Statistical Methods in Engineering 4
LPSC 7215 Advanced Quantitative Techniques 4






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