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Lieutenant Colonel Steven McGonagle visits the Gordon Engineering Leadership Center at the University of San Diego

October 26, 2013

On October 26th and 27th Lieutenant Colonel Steven McGonagle, visited the Gordon Engineering Leadership Center at the University of San Diego and led a workshop with Gordon Fellows and Candidates on the fundamentals of leadership and establishing a leadership framework.  This was followed by a dialog with students on types of power used to influence others in an engineering leadership context.

“Leadership framework is about understanding the components of leadership. First, that we derive our ability to lead others by embracing and living a set of core values.  These values are things like integrity, respect for others, loyalty and courage.  These values are deeply held beliefs that guide our behaviors and actions and in fact who we are as a person.  We also must understand that leadership and management are separate tasks requiring separate skill sets.  Essentially, we lead people, while we manage systems, programs and administrative requirements.”

The second half of Colonel McGonagle’s workshop focused on the application of the five types of power that leaders use to influence others, emphasizing that referent power (people follow because the leader is respected) and expert power (the leader is followed due to his or her technical expertise) are the sources of power engineering leaders should most use.  This was followed by a question and answer session with graduate and undergraduate students.

UCSD Gordon Engineering Leadership Center Executive Director Ebonee Williams commented on what students took away from the workshop…

“Students learned how challenging it is to group think and define leadership and values. It was great watching the students talk about these topics and hear their differing opinions on how to handle each.”

Colonel McGonagle’s message was received extremely well by all. He has been invited to speak regularly at UCSD.

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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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