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The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program (GEL) combines the expertise of College of Engineering faculty and Professors of Practice who have decades of experience leading engineering teams.

  • Simon Pitts
    Simon Pitts

    As a senior executive within Ford Motor Company, Simon led cross-functional teams across three continents as Director of Product Development Operations for all Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda and Volvo brands globally. Educated at Loughborough University in the UK and INSEAD in France, he most recently directed the Ford-MIT Research Alliance. He is a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK (CEng, FIMechE.).

    “The correct combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in a leader can transform the output of an engineering team by an order of magnitude. It elevates their capability in delivering performance quality, cost and timing to a level they would not think achievable.”

  • Steven Klosterman
    Professor, Engineering Leadership

    Steve spent 25 years in the high technology and energy industries including roles as Product Line Director and Director of Engineering at Sun Microsystems and Senior Director at Satcon Technology. He holds a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati and an MS from MIT.

    “Team-building exercises outside the classroom embody Northeastern’s commitment to experiential learning and help students get to know each other better, learn from each other and build camaraderie.”

  • Dr. Christos Zahopoulos
    Professor, Scientific Foundations

    Christos received his PhD Degree in Physics from Northeastern University and was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard. In 1988, he came back to Northeastern, where, in addition to doing research and teaching, he has founded the Center for STEM Education and has initiate and implemented many partnerships and programs, which have mostly focused on improving STEM Teaching and Learning.

    “Trying to innovate or solve engineering problems without understanding the fundamental laws of science is like throwing darts at a target in the dark.”

  • Steven McGonagle
    Steve McGonagle
    Professor, Engineering Leadership

    Colonel Mac has served in many leadership positions through three distinct careers. He held command and leadership assignments at multiple levels during his 23-year Army career, including three US Army Combat Infantry Division assignments, serving as Deputy Director of Operations, US Pacific Command, and as Professor of Military Leadership at Providence College. A graduate of Norwich University and Florida Tech, he holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Leadership. He is a US Army Ranger and Paratrooper. Upon retirement from the Army he gained extensive industrial and manufacturing experience while serving for five years as Director of Operations at King Industries, a manufacturer of coatings and lubricant additives in Norwalk, CT. Steve has served as professor of experiential leadership learning in the Northeastern University Gordon Engineering Leadership Institute since 2010, designing and presenting the leadership curriculum. An avid blue water angler, he is feared by pelagic gamefish in several geographic locations.

    “Lead and inspire people. Don't try to manage and manipulate people. Inventories can be managed, but people must be led.”


  • Amnon Aliphas
    Senior Principal Technologist, Raytheon
  • John Beaty
    Director of Technology Programs, Gordon-CenSSIS
  • Ralf Birken
    Research Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Jeff Delaney
    VP Engineering, Black Duck Software
  • Daniel Dumanis
    Specialist/Technical Program Manager, MIT Lincoln Labs
  • Jane Eiesenhauer
    Systems Engineer, Raytheon
  • Simon Pitts
  • Paul Head
    Program Manager, Raytheon
  • Steven Klosterman
    Professor, Engineering Leadership
  • Mike Laine
    Managing Director, Soltegic LLC
  • Harry Malkasian
    Director, Equipment Engineering at 1366 Technologies, Inc
  • Steve McGonagle
    Professor, Engineering Leadership
  • Carlos Morales
    WW Director, R&D, Advanced Technology, BD Medical
  • Steve Ruggieri
    CEO & COO, Technology Based R&D and Product Development
  • Elise Sargent
    Independent Consultant, Elise Sargent Consulting
  • Tim Tassinari
    Manager II Software Engineering, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
Al Kammerer
President, Fallbrook Technologies, Inc.

Al Kammerer is a Product Development professional with over 37 years of automotive experience. He has excellent leadership skills, having led teams of up to 3,000 employees and been part of an operating committee for a $60 billion revenue automotive business. Al is currently President of Fallbrook Technologies, Inc.

“Leading multi-discipline teams dealing with multiple technologies to deliver product programs on time and on cost with the highest possible quality requires engineers to develop their leadership skill set.”

Executives in Residence and Guest Lecturers

  • Al Kammerer
    President, Fallbrook Technologies, Inc.
  • Admiral James Hogg (Ret.)
    Director of the Chief of Naval Operations’ Strategic Studies Group
  • Timothy Davis
    Henry Ford Technical Fellow for Quality Engineering at Ford Motor Company
  • James Noga
    Chief Information Officer, Partners HealthCare
  • Bill Vick
    Global Operations Development Manager at ABB PPMV
  • Art Rousmaniere
    Engineering Manager, Farm Design, Inc.
  • Michael Bunis
    Partner, Chaote Hall & Stewart, LLP
  • Jill Wittels
    Chair of the Board at eMagin Corporation (EMAN), and CEO of Sostenuto Strategic Advisors
  • Rosemarie Dimarco
  • Steve Ruggieri
    Executive Consultant
Josh Simons
HPC Architect, VMware

With over 20 years of experience in High Performance Computing, Josh currently leads an effort at VMware to bring the full value of virtualization to HPC. Previously, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems with broad responsibilities for HPC direction and strategy.

“For leaders in influence roles -- those without direct reports -- it is especially important to learn how to effect change within your organization and to build and maintain one's personal integrity and technical credibility. ”


  • Bernard M. Gordon
    Former Chairman of NeuroLogica Corporation, Founder of Analogic Corporation, Chairman of PhotoDiagnostic Systems
  • Mark Russell
    VP of Engineering, Raytheon
  • Aaron Evans
    Senior Advisor, Strategic Financial Services
  • Dr. Eric M. Bailey
    President/CEO/Founder of NeuroLogica Corporation
  • Brad Morrison
    Senior Lecturer in the MIT Engineering Systems Division
  • Josh Simons
    HPC Architect, VMware
  • Bryan Moser
    President and CEO, Global Product Design
  • Christa Dhimo
    Founder & Lead Consultant, Impono
  • Jill Wittels
    Chair of the Board at eMagin Corporation (EMAN), and CEO of Sostenuto Strategic Advisors
  • Joan Cullinane
    Senior Director of Product Lifecycle and Technology, SPARC Operations, at Oracle
  • John Carson, PhD
    President, Jenike & Johanson, Inc.
  • Judith Nitsch, PE, LEED AP
    Founding Principal and Chairman, Nitsch Engineering, Inc.


  • Amy Manley
    Director, Admissions and Marketing
  • Angie Osborn
    Marketing Specialist
  • Marlys Vaughan
    Administrative Officer
  • Kristin Hicks
    Partnership & Education Services Coordinator
  • Deanna Beirne
    Director of Computer Services
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The National Academy of Engineering awarded the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership the prestigious 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education.

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