48 Hours in Seville

Maeve Martin, CAMD'22

My name is Maeve Martin and I grew up in Montauk, NY. Studying abroad is the next logical step in my development as a fearless, self-motivated, and enthusiastic sophomore pursuing a major in Communication Studies with a minor in Global Social Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University. I have dedicated myself to social service as a volunteer for the Roxbury Community at the Mission Hill After School Program for local children and at On the Rise, which supports women transitioning out of homelessness. Furthermore, I see myself as a global citizen in a world that’s increasingly interconnected. In the past year I have honed my strategic communication skills on co-op co-op at Jones Kelleher LLP, a Boston based law firm and as a Marketing Associate at IDEA, Northeastern’s student led venture accelerator. This summer I’m continuing to pursue my passion for communications as a promotions and booking intern for Mercury East Presents at Live Nation in New York City. This fall I’ll be studying in Seville, Spain which has captured my fascination with its centuries long history of trade and commerce. In the Communications, New Media, and Journalism program at the Universidad de Seville I will cultivate my identity as a global citizen by increasing my capacity for global social communication personally and professionally.

This weekend I got to put my tour guide hat on because my best friend, and freshman year roommate, came to town! Natalie is studying abroad in Italy this semester so she was able to take a quick weekend trip to Seville. Since we had just over 48 hours together I had to condense all my favorite things about the city into one whirlwind tour.

Check out our itinerary for how to see Seville in just one weekend


5:00 PM

As soon as Natalie got settled I set out to meet her at her AirBnB in the city center. Time for the fun to begin!

The city center of Seville is the best place to stay if you only have two days in Seville. There are great hostel, AirBnb, and hotel options in this area so its possible to stay in this location on any budget.

7:00 PM


La Terraza de EME was the first destination on Natalie’s world wind tour of Seville. I love going to rooftops back in the States and it turns out Sevillanos appreciate a good rooftop view as well. It’s a great way to catch the sunset and take in the beauty of the skyline no matter what city you’re in. 

9:00 PM


Don’t even get me started about El Pinton

The moment you step inside the restaurant you know you’re somewhere special. The decor is reminiscent of an Andulasian patio complete with hand painted tile backsplashes, large houseplants, wooden tables, miniature succulents, fun mirrors, and colorful turquoise accents. 

It only gets better once you order. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but since I’ve been here 3 times now (yes 3) I have some recommendations.

What to order at El Pinton

National burrata with tomatoes from the garden, avocados and arugula   

Tempura egg with truffle parmentier and quinoa

Seasonal mushrooms with truffle cream and yolk from the corral 

Iberian Ribs with Chef's BBQ

Brioche French toast with orange blossom gel and nougat mousse 



Saturday morning Natalies’ friends from Florence arrived. Now it was really time for my tour guiding to begin.

10:00 AM


I sent Natalie and co. to  Milk Away for a quick breakfast bite.  Milk Away is a cute takeaway spot with lots of healthy options from acai bowls to salads and sandwiches.

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Alfalfa & Soho Benita 

Alfalfa is a super cute area in Seville’s city center with lots of cute cafes to pop into during the day and bars to head out to at night. Nearby is what Sevillano’s call Soho Benita. The area is supposed to replicate New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and has lots of cute clothing boutiques and art galleries as well. Let’s just say Natalie and her friends left with a few shopping bags in tow.

Special Mentions

El Gato en Bicicleta - cafe and bookstore

Delimbo - contemporary art gallery

Isadora - clothing boutique

Las Setas

The next stop on our tour was Las Setas de Seville (the mushrooms of Seville). Las Setas, otherwise known as Metropol Parasol, is the world’s largest wooden structure and gets its name from its resemblance to mushrooms. The iconic structure was the winner of an architectural competition held by Seville’s city council in an effort to revitalize the neighborhood in 2005 and they have been a hot spot destination for visitors ever since. 

The structure has 5 levels in total; including a roof deck with a panoramic view of the city as well as a Tapas bar and event space. You can get access to the roof deck for just 4 euros!

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Scooter Time

Seville is a very walkable city, but we were on a schedule! So naturally I had everyone hop on a scooter so we could buzz down to the Plaza de España before grabbing a quick bite to eat for lunch. Natalie and her friends were blown away by Plaza de España. It was so much fun to experience it with the wonder of fresh eyes. Check out my article Actually I’m in Seville to read more about Plaza de España!

Bird and Lime scooters are scattered all throughout the city and available to use with the quick download of their apps on your phone. I highly recommend them as a fun alternative to getting around the city.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


The Festival of Nations in Prado de San Sebastian is a month long event and the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat. There are booths with food from countries all over the world, which means you will be able to find something for everyone! My favorite is the Mexico booth for tacos and enchiladas!

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


After all this bopping around I needed a nap. Thank goodness for Siesta.

9:00 PM


Tata Pila was our dinner spot. I accidentally made our reservation for the wrong day, but the host was super nice and accommodated us anyway. Lucky us because the food was delish!

Afterwards, we headed to Helados Rayas for the best ice cream in Seville. I got a scoop of the Queso con Frescas aka Strawberry Cheescake and it was absolutely to die for!


9:00 AM

On Sunday morning, Natalie and her friends did a guided tour of the Alcazar… this is the part where I plug my previous article again: Actually I’m in Seville. Check it out to read more on this historic site!

12:00 PM

Meet the family 

My favorite part of the weekend was when Natalie came to coffee at my homestay. My host family has been such an integral part of my time here in Seville. It was so special to share this piece of my life with her and to introduce my host family to someone so important to my life at home.


Being abroad is amazing. Getting to share it with someone from home made my heart grow three sizes.