“Our teachers connected us to tons of valuable SF Design events that enabled me and my classmates to feel empowered as young professionals. We actually launched into the Design world with concrete skill development on site, which was unique to this program.”

Ava Nordling, Semester In San Francisco, Summer I 2019  

“I really enjoyed my time as part of the CAMD for a summer semester. The ability to develop friendships and interact with designers will be invaluable towards building my career. I hope to continue being a part of the design community in the future.”

Sanjay Selvan, Semester In San Francisco, Summer I 2019  

“The Semester in Silicon Valley program was hands down the best experience I’ve had attending Northeastern University. During my time in San Francisco, I was able to build a lifelong network of mentors and colleagues that I will utilize as I advance my professional career. Furthermore, the program provided me invaluable insight into the entrepreneurial mindset and unveiled the tactical skills that are required to become a successful entrepreneur.”

– Lawrence, Semester in San Francisco, Spring 2018

“The SSV program allows me to interact with business in many different ways, all at the same time. I study business academically, work as an employee, and create the foundation of a startup. With mentorship, I learn from my everyday experiences. My professors care about the future. Teaching us is another way for them to shape the future of the industry. It’s inspiring to be in an environment with motivated students, teachers, and professionals. Engaging conversations happen daily, and perspectives change constantly.”         

– Autumn Martin, Semester in San Francisco, Fall 2017