Technical Innovation and Product Prototyping: Silicon Valley DOC

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Silicon Valley is the ground zero for customer driven technology evaluation, innovation and prototyping. Doing a Dialogue in Silicon Valley is unique for highly motivated and naturally curious students about how things work, mainly, for rising sophomores and juniors, who are interested in technology innovation, technology transfer, startup companies and the culture of entrepreneurship in the region. The highlight is the Silicon Valley itself, it is an Innovators and Entrepreneurs dream world! Some ideas being considered are looking in depth at 6-8 trending and growing technologies represented by start-ups or other companies in the Bay Area (e.g., self-driving cars). Then for each technology, the students would visit a company, have a guest speaker, etc. Also, visiting closer locations such as San Francisco, etc. Inspiring interactive activities, away from traditional college learning environment, and new venues are some challenges students have to face.


This faculty for this Dialogue of Civilizations is Bala Maheswaran.