Fall 2016 GEO Photo Contest Winner Announced

The Global Experience Office

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We have recently hosted our Fall 2016 GEO Photo Contest. Any Northeastern University student who had studied abroad, participated in a global co-op, or completed a Dialogue of Civilizations had the chance to submit their best photograph. We received a wide range of breathtaking photo submissions from every corner of the earth. Photos came from places such as India, New Zealand, Greece, Ghana, Estonia, Japan, Malta, Chile, Scotland and Russia. The winners were decided at our Photo Contest Reception where students, staff and faculty had the chance to rank their 3 favorite photos from the 25 displayed finalist photo submissions. Almost a 100 people attended the event and after counting all of the votes, the winner was clear - Kyle Bianchi, a Design Major. His stunning image was taken whilst on a "Time Machine" Dialogue of Civilizations in Thingeyri, Iceland. Kyle took away a brand new BOSE speaker and will have his photograph framed in the center of GEO's front wall in Richards 403.

Carry Your Memories

"As I walked back with the mirror, I had this idea for a shot I had already seen where a woman uses a mirror to make her body disappear and so I just said, 'You know what, I feel like if I don't try this now, I'm not gonna try it, so I called my friend over and we walked down to the beach. It was a really small town, so it was all one minute away. We went down to the beach at like 12:30 in the morning and started practicing. It took a while. We tried to get the reflection but in the end I just kind of erased my body through the mirror to create that shot. it was in the west fjords, in a very small town. 100 people there. Pretty remote location." – Kyle Bianchi

Hear more about the incredible story of this winning shot from Kyle himself:

In second place was Chris Goetchius, Mechanical Engineering Major, who was participating on the "Hydroelectricity in Tazmania" Dialogue of Civilizations in Tazmania with Professor Kai-Tak Wan.

Professor at the Pinnacle

"This photo is dedicated to Professor KT Wan, for his caring leadership of a fruitful dialogue all the way down under, and for giving me the honor of serving along side him as his Teaching Assistant. Thanks, KT!" -Chris Goetchius

In third place an impressive photo by Jennifer Hayashi, a Behavioral Neuroscience Major from her trip to St. Andrews, Scotland during her Traditional Study Abroad in City University London.


"As we hiked and watched the setting of the sun, we were struck with appreciation for the stunning world before us." -Jennifer Hayashi

The Global Experience Office will be proud to showcase the three finalist’s images on the front wall in the office until our next photo contest and would like to thank all of the entrants for participating and making our first photo contest a huge success. Many congratulations to the finalists and we hope you look forward to our Fall 2017 GEO Photo Contest.