Study abroad programs are offered during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester at one of Northeastern’s partner institutions. Students can take classes at a foreign university, typically taught by local faculty members. Study abroad programs have a direct immersion aspect which can assist in broadening students’ academic experience and deepening their cultural awareness. If you are interested in pursuing a study abroad program with the Global Experience Office, you can check out any of the resources below:

  • For a complete guide and checklist on the steps you need to study abroad, please refer to the Global Experience Guide to begin the process.

  • Your Global Experience Advisor will be your primary contact throughout your study abroad program. Please reach out to the Global Experience Office or refer to the Contact page on the website for questions or to schedule an appointment!

  • We encourage all students to participate in a virtual info session about study abroad before beginning the application process. To start the info session, click here: General GEO Info Session.