The program costs for a traditional study abroad program include: NU tuition + International Security and Emergency Support Fee. For a "customized" study abroad program, the costs are: NU tuition + Program fee.

Program costs are listed by program. Northeastern tuition covers all academic costs for most study abroad programs. Housing and all other non-academic costs are the responsibility of the student and will be paid directly to the relevant vendor, host institution, or program provider. Below is a more comprehensive breakdown of the study abroad costs for which students are responsible and those for which Northeastern University is responsible.

These costs are the student’s responsibility and should be paid by the student directly to their host institution or provider. In a few instances, the student’s host institution or provider will bill Northeastern University for these costs. GEO will pay the bill on the student’s behalf and then bill the his or her student account.

This list may not include other costs that may come up as a part of your program. Please see your individual study abroad program budget for more specific costs.

A complete breakdown of estimated costs can be found on the individual program pages on the GEO website. For questions regarding housing and other non-academic costs, please contact the appropriate host institution, provider or vendor directly.

Your NU student account will be charged several weeks before your departure, according to the same billing schedule as an on campus semester. Unless instructed otherwise by GEO, you should not make payments to your host institution or program provider for any tuition or academic-related expenses. Furthermore, you must have a zero balance on your NU student account at the time of departure. If you have an outstanding balance from a previous semester, your study abroad registration will be purged and you will not be allowed to go abroad. You can find specific billing information on the Student Financial Services site.

  • Confirmation payment (unless required for lodging)
  • Program fee- academic costs only
  • Orientation (not including lodging)
  • Excursions/field trips if directly related to a course
  • Course fees if courses are being transferred back to NEU
  • Lab fees
  • Application fees/Non-refundable program deposits
  • Lodging
  • Lodging and/or security deposits or bonds
  • Meals
  • Local transportation
  • Visas
  • Entry/exit fees
  • Residency fees
  • Insurance
  • Activity/Student Union fees
  • Airport transfer/airport reception fee (unless included as a part of orientation)
  • Non-credit bearing courses (i.e., intensive language months prior to semester start)
  • Optional tours and/or volunteer activities
  • Extra fees
  • Course supplies/books
  • Utilities/internet
  • Cell phone
  • Events/excursions that are not directly related to a course or orientation
  • WorldAware fees (paid by NEU, but will be charged back to student)