Once a student competes their term abroad, a copy of the host institution transcript will be sent directly to GEO to be processed and posted to the student’s Northeastern records. Transcripts from host institutions are typically received by GEO 1-3 months after the completion of the term and are sent at the discretion of the host institution. Once the host institution transcript is received by GEO, processing and posting on the student’s NU records will take between 2-4 weeks to be completed. Transcripts are not given out to students, but kept on file permanently with GEO. Once processed students will be able to view their grades via myNEU.

To avoid any delays in receiving study abroad credit, students should verify the following:

  • Every course that appears on a student’s transcript from a host institution must be evaluated in the Course Equivalency Database prior to studying abroad.
  • Every course that appears on a student’s transcript from a host institution must be finalized in the student’s Study Abroad Course Selections once abroad.
  • All required fees have been paid to the host institution.

GEO cannot accept the following information regarding transcripts:

  • Supplemental documentation listing courses not printed on the official transcript
  • Supplemental documentation for grade changes not printed on the official transcript
  • Transcripts directly from students, unless sent through a secure digital platform such as eQuals or Parchment.

Students time tickets for their next semesters’ registration will not be effected if their study abroad courses have not yet been processed. Please see this information on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

  • For students planning to graduate within 1-2 semesters after a study abroad program, GEO cannot guarantee that courses, grades, and credits will be posted in time for graduation clearance.
  • Students should notify GEO of their graduation plans so that this can be taken into consideration when processing transcripts.
  • Receiving and processing time of transcripts varies from program to program. To help expedite the process, please work with your host program to have your official host transcript sent directly to GEO as soon as possible.
  • Please also discuss your graduation plans with your NU Academic Advisor prior to studying abroad.