It is important to ensure that you are taking courses that will not only transfer back to Northeastern University but also go towards your degree. Your Academic Advisor will review your courses to determine their best fit into your degree and GEO will process your incoming transcript based off of the information provided in these selections.

All students studying abroad must confirm that their study abroad courses will fit into their academic degree audit at NU. Students must submit all courses that they are interested in taking abroad, including back-up courses, to their academic advisor for approval.

  • To submit courses, go to myNortheastern > Self Service > Experiential Learning/Co-Op > Global Experiences/Study Abroad Course Selection > Click on program of attendance.
  • Courses must be evaluated to have an NU equivalent in order for students to submit them to their Academic Advisor for review.
  • It is also important, when submitting these courses, to submit a minimum of 2 alternatives or “backup” courses for each course. All courses need to be evaluated in the course equivalency database.
  • Continuously update as necessary. Any course you may consider taking abroad needs to be reviewed by your Academic Advisor.
  • Submitting courses in study abroad course selections does not officially register you at your host institution. Get in contact with your GEO Advisor for information about registering for courses at your host institution.
  • After the add/drop period at your host institution (if applicable) has passed, or after two weeks into the start of the program, you need to inform GEO of all the courses you are officially enrolled in. To do this, you will need to go back into your Study Abroad Course Selections through myNortheastern and update and finalize all courses in which you are enrolled.
  • The ability to finalize courses will not be available until the student is abroad and has completed at least two weeks of their program.
  • Please note that students will not be able to edit their course selections once they have been finalized. If students are waiting for an Academic Advisor to review courses or for a faculty member to evaluate a course, it is best to wait until this is done before finalizing courses.
  • To finalize, go to myNortheastern > Self Service > Experiential Learning/Co-Op > Global Experiences/Study Abroad Course Selection > Click on program of attendance. Check the boxes of the courses that you are enrolled in and hit “Finalize.”
  • Students will also not be able to finalize courses after the end date of their study abroad program. Please be sure to finalize all courses while abroad.