This section provides general information on Northeastern's partner international schools that offer a significant number of courses in the relevant major. The courses listed in these guides are those that have been evaluated in Northeastern's Course Equivalency database to have Northeastern course equivalents. The guides listed below are intended to help students navigate the study abroad process as they provide suggested programs for individual majors. The list of courses within these guides is NOT an exhaustive list of the courses available at the host institution, nor is it guaranteed that these courses will be offered each semester at the host institution. Additionally, there are many other program options for each major outside of those listed in the guide; these can be explored through the Course Equivalency database or the Search Opportunities page.

Please note that each student intending on studying abroad should speak to their Academic Advisor to discuss course selections, work with their Global Experience Advisor to learn more about study abroad opportunities, and check the host institution website for the most up-to-date information about course offerings.