Course policies are put in place to ensure that the courses you are taking abroad count towards your degree here at Northeastern University and adhere to Northeastern’s college and university guidelines.

All questions about major/minor course policies should be directed to your Academic Advisor.

Business Courses

  • Only 25% of a concentration (1 course) may be taken abroad. You must also have taken the appropriate NU pre-requisite(s) in addition to any prerequisite(s) required by the host institution.
  • Concentration courses must be 2000 level or higher.
  • Concentration courses must carry at least 2.0 Northeastern credit hours.
  • ORGB3201 and STRT4501 may not be taken abroad.
  • INTB1203 may not be taken abroad
  • Business minors may take 1 course toward the minor abroad. You must also have taken the appropriate NU pre-requisite(s) in addition to any pre-requisite(s) required by the host institution.
  • Does not apply to the interdisciplinary minors: Emerging Markets, Global Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Business Practices. These interdisciplinary minors may take 1 additional course abroad (from elective list) with approval from DMSB advisor.
  • Non-business majors may take business classes abroad with pre-approval from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and should check with their Academic Advisor to ensure they have open electives in their curriculum. Pre-approval will only be granted:
    • If you meet the appropriate NU pre-requisite(s) as well as any pre-requisite(s) required by the host institution.


  • ECON2560 Applied Econometrics has a limited number of course equivalencies abroad.
  • ECON4692 Senior Seminar cannot be taken abroad.


Courses cannot be taken abroad are:

  • PSYC 2320
  • a Psychology lab
  • a Psychology seminar

These courses could count as electives, but this will not fulfill the requirement of completing a lab or a seminar here at Northeastern. 

If you feel that an evaluated course abroad could fulfill a different degree requirement than what it is currently evaluated as, please work with your Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor may be able to work with you and the department to have this Northeastern course equivalent fulfill a different degree requirement.

GEO cannot have a course re-evaluated in the database unless the course evaluation is older than 5 years or there is a new course syllabus.

Specific NU equivalents cannot be requested. Course equivalents are determined by faculty evaluators in each college.

GEO does not determine NU course equivalents.

For students who entered Northeastern prior to Fall 2016, studying abroad will satisfy Northeastern University’s Comparative Study of Cultures Core 2007 requirement. NUPath requirements for students who entered Fall 2016 or later are associated with specific Northeastern courses. Refer to the Study Abroad Course Equivalency Database to view the NUpath requirements on a study abroad evaluated course.

All of the courses taken abroad will transfer back to Northeastern University with a letter grade and will be factored into your GPA. If you would like to take a course pass/fail, you must adhere to the host institution’s course policies and make any pass/fail requests through the host institution. Any courses taken for a pass/fail grade abroad and represented as such on an official host institution transcript will transfer into Northeastern as a pass (S) or fail (U) grade.

Please note, any course that transfers into Northeastern as a pass/fail grade must follow the requirement below:

  • Any course, which counts toward your major, minor, or core requirements, cannot be taken pass/fail.
  • Please refer to the Northeastern University Catalog regarding Pass/Fail requirements within your major and confirm your course plan with your academic advisor.

Pass/Fail grading must be specifically indicated and distinguishable from courses not taken Pass/Fail on your transcript. If it is not clearly indicated, GEO is unable to apply Pass/Fail grading to your study abroad course(s).