The faculty evaluator has reviewed the information provided, and has determined that the course does not meet the academic rigors or requirements of a typical course at NU. This does not mean that a specific course equivalent could not be found, in which case elective credit should be granted.

For-credit sports or club activities with little to no academic focus will be given a no transfer rule (e.g yoga, baseball, volleyball etc…)

Your college may have restrictions on courses that can be taken abroad. Courses with those specific NU equivalents may be marked as a No-Transfer. Please refer to our Course Policies page for a non-exhaustive list of course restrictions and consult with your Academic Advisor to confirm which restrictions apply to you and your college.

To receive a specific NU course equivalent, the study abroad course must meet strict criteria and its content must overlap at least 75% with that of the proposed NU course equivalent.

Which NU equivalency a study abroad course will receive is up to the discretion of the faculty evaluator.

If your course abroad has a lab component, please explain your situation and send any relevant course materials (syllabus, lab work, lab hours etc…) to, and a faculty evaluator can determine if lab credit can be granted.

If you can provide additional information such as pre-requisites, course work and course materials, it is possible to get a re-evaluation if the information indicates the course is a higher level than evaluated.

The option to finalize courses appears two weeks after your program start date, and will be unavailable after your program end date. If you miss this date, make sure to inform your Global Experience Advisor.

If you are still studying abroad, please notify us as soon as possible, and we will make a note to process your transcript immediately once we receive it. If you are able to receive your transcript through an electronic service (Such as eQuals), send us your transcript as soon as you receive it.

Your syllabus may be too big, and was rejected by the system. Syllabi must be 3MB or smaller to be accepted. If you syllabus is too large, please run it through a PDF compressor online.

Please explain the situation with the course code and title, and email the syllabus to studyabroadcourses@northeastern.edufor assistance.

No, when courses are sent to be evaluated, they are sent to the most suitable faculty evaluator. If they decide that the course should be evaluated by another faculty, the course will be transferred to them.

Email studyabroadcourses@northeastern.eduto check if your course is eligible for re-evaluation. Eligibility requirements can be find on the Course Policies page.

Unless you are able to do so at the abroad institution, you cannot reverse your decision to take a class pass/fail or vice-versa.

We report all grades as they appear on your official transcript from your study abroad institution. If a course is designated as a pass/fail at the study abroad institution, it will be reported as a pass fail at NU, even if you didn’t apply for it through NU.

Unfortunately, no. We report all grades as they appear on your official transcript from your study abroad institution. If a course is not clearly indicated that it was taken as pass/fail, it will be transferred back on the standard A-F grading scale.

Academic expectations, methods of instruction, and grading systems can vary greatly from country to country, and institution. You can speak with your GEO Advisor to learn more about academic rigor, culture, and any assistance available at your host institution.

Students are enrolled in a study abroad placeholder (ABRD) to indicate that they are studying abroad, and the credit amount attached the ABRD is the amount of equivalent NU credits to the full time credit amount at the study abroad institution.

This placeholder also ensures that your registration time ticket is up to date even before your study abroad transcript is processed.


Once your study abroad transcript is processed, the credits on your ABRD are transferred to your NU course equivalents. If you took more or less credits that your ABRD originally held, your credits will be adjusted accordingly.

If your ABRD has 0 credits, you should be able to view your grades on a MyPaws (DARS) degree audit accessible via MyNEU.

Yes – your study abroad placeholder does not officially register you for your courses abroad, nor does registering your courses in study abroad course selections. Please consult with your GEO Advisor to learn more about course registration guidelines for your study abroad institution.

Yes. If you’re enrolled as a Northeastern student, you must complete the “I Am Here”. Even when you’re studying abroad, you are technically still a Northeastern student receiving Northeastern credits. For Dialogues of Civilizations, students are enrolled in Northeastern courses taught by NU faculty while abroad.

Dropping your study abroad program placeholder or course on your program will not withdraw you. If you would like to withdraw from your program, get in touch with your GEO Advisor to fill out a withdrawal form as soon as possible to avoid any time-sensitive ramifications or fees.

Transcripts received are kept by GEO for our records. If you would like an official copy of your transcripts for your records, please reach out directly to your host institution. GEO can provide an unofficial copy of your transcript if you would like, please email your request to

Email, and please provide any information (such as an image of, or pdf of the correct transcript) and we will try to address the discrepancy. The host institution may have sent a non-finalized copy, or a misprint.

Please email and explain your situation. If you have any written or email approval for a course exception, please send that as well.

Transcripts usually arrive at GEO 2-3 months following your program end date. Once they arrive to GEO it can take 2-3 weeks for GEO to process them and hand them off to the Registrar for posting. You can ensure that your transcript is processed in the shortest timeframe possible by having all of your abroad courses evaluated and in your study abroad course selections.

If a course you took abroad is not evaluated and appearing on the Courses by Program page, please submit it for evaluation through the Study Abroad Course Evaluation Form.

If you need assistance with evaluating a course, please email for assistance.

Even though you’re taking another institution’s courses, they are transferring back to Northeastern for Northeastern credit to contribute towards a Northeastern degree.

All courses that appear on your study abroad transcript must be transferred back to Northeastern. If you took a credit amount abroad that would trigger an overload fee at NU, you billing will be updated accordingly. You can find more information on tuition and billing on Student Financial Service’s website.