Interested in innovation and entrepreneurship? Consider career in consulting? Join the Dialogue centered in the Startup Nation: Israel. Engage with local startups on management consulting projects, work in cross-cultural teams involving local students, and learn about the eco-system that makes innovation and new ventures boom. Work closely with founders of new ventures, meet investors, entrepreneurs, and managers at multinational corporations. Israel offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to both state-of-the-art technology and innovation but also to ancient history. Israel brings together people with diverse ethnic, cultural and religion backgrounds, offers the best of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, it has amazing beaches and clubs as well as world renowned attractions (e.g., the Dead Sea, the Old City of Jerusalem). Engage in meaningful conversations about culture, society, economics and politics on this once-in-a-life-time experience! This program will start with two weeks in Boston, followed by two weeks in Israel.

On the professional side there is the unique benefits of experiencing management consulting and of being part of a cross-cultural team. On the cultural side the students will be exposed to the Old City of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, The Old City of Jaffa, a Bedouin lifestyle, Tel-Aviv architecture and lifestyle, the unique collectivist Kibbutz among others.

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Application Procedure

  • Application Open: November 1, 2018
  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2019
  • Application Extension Deadline: January 22, 2019
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  • Essay Questions: Answer each question in 2-3 paragraphs (completed online via GEO application).
    • What are your personal and academic reasons for wishing to participate in this Dialogue of Civilizations program?
    • How will the program further your academic and career goals?
    • What is your previous travel and language experience, if any?
    • What courses have you taken which are directly relevant to the program?
    • Many Dialogue of Civilization programs are transformative in nature. Students have deep and meaningful experiences and oftentimes the program can significantly change students’ perceptions and goals. From previous experience, the current dialogue has proved this reality times and times again. In this context, we would like to know:
      (a) what is your current perception of the target country (Israel) based on your prior knowledge and experience, and
      (b) what are your personal goals that you may want to change/pursue while taking on this program?

Applications are not considered complete until deposit is received. This deposit will be applied to the full cost of the program.

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Eligibility Requirements

Studying abroad requires a valid passport. You may also need a visa and/or other travel documents. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your documents are valid and appropriate to the nature of your program.

Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.50
  • Minimum Semesters: Minimum of 2 completed Northeastern semesters at the time of program start date. NUin students are eligible to apply. Transfer and Global Pathways students contact GEO program coordinator for eligibility.
Other Requirements
  • The two weeks are intensive. There must be deliverable towards the end of the second week (presentation to founders). :
  • Working in a cross-cultural team is not easy with language barrier and different working norms:


The course enables students to get a major or minor in entrepreneurship (as well as a minor in Jewish studies). The focus on Israel in the context of new ventures is especially valuable given Israel is the “Start Up Nation”, leading the world on indicators such as number of startups per capita and Venture Capital investments. Students are required to work in cross-cultural teams (together with Israeli students from Ben-Gurion University – BGU – that will host us) on issues of strategic importance to assigned technology ventures. Many of the ventures students will work with carry societal value through innovating in areas like sustainability and health, by enhancing consumers’ well-being, and by promoting collaboration across diverse groups in society (e.g., Arabs and Jews). Projects vary widely, but typically involve assessment of the current internationalization strategy or future market entry in another foreign market. The course is a hands-on management consulting experience, so be prepared to spend a lot of time with your assigned venture and team members. The final deliverable will be a detailed 20-page analysis report focused on a key strategic issue relevant for your particular venture that will be judged by a prestigious panel of local experts and the entrepreneur(s). The course involves a significant amount of work and learning in a two-week window in a challenging, dynamic and exciting environment. The main learning from the course takes place outside the classroom.

Students will engage intensively with entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, and be part of a cross-cultural team consulting effort. These are key ingredients for students that wish to follow a career in entrepreneurship or in consulting.

-Working with local students as part of a cross-culture team.
-Getting exposure to cultural events, trips and the like.

  • ENTR 3220(Boston) - International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consulting : Covers, from an international perspective, entrepreneurial opportunity identification and evaluation; market analysis and intelligence; joint venture and partnerships; agents, value-added resellers, and representatives; regulations, laws, and customs; regional and cultural issues; financing foreign ventures; and choice of domestic and international legal entities. Offers students an opportunity to understand the complexities faced by entrepreneurs doing business in a global environment and to obtain the knowledge that helps them to successfully cope with that environment. Focuses on and emphasizes the perspective of the entrepreneur but also canvases the role of the entrepreneur as an innovator and the innovation process in the international context.
  • ENTR 4510(Israel) - Entrepreneurship and Global Consulting in Israel : Offers an intensive field consulting program with local ventures in different countries. Designed to have students experience first-hand the challenges that entrepreneurs confront internationalizing products and services as well as core product management issues. Students have an opportunity to work in cross-culture consulting teams with local students from partner universities. Projects vary widely, but typically involve assessment of current product line and services strategy, marketing approaches, and how these must be adapted for foreign markets, including the U.S. This is a field consulting course with heavy client engagement, requiring detail written and oral communications for the client.


Northeastern Tuition: $12,613
Dialogue of Civilizations Fee: $3,250
  • Northeastern Tuition and DOC Fee Includes: 8 Northeastern credits, international roundtrip airfare from Boston, accommodations for program duration, international security and emergency support, and program related expenses (local transportation, field trips, excursions and group meals)

Additional Estimated Expenses: $629
  • Students should anticipate spending the following out of pocket expenses during the program:  $305  on meals and $324 on incidentals.

GEO offers scholarships and grants for students studying abroad on Dialogue of Civilizations programs. Please visit our Scholarships page for more info!


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Israel is a land and a people. The history of the Jewish people, and its roots in the Land of Israel, spans some 35 centuries. The modern Israel was established in 1948. It is home to many innovations and technology developments, and often referred to as the “Start Up Nation”. Beer-Sheva is the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel. Often referred to as the “Capital of the Negev”, it is the center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in Israel and the eighth most populous city in the country with a population of about 200,000. It is home to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU).

The U.S. State Department lists travel advisories, local laws, alerts from the embassy, and other important information about Israel here. Please review this information before applying.


  • Hotel: The main accommodation will be a hotel near the hosting university campus.  A rich Israeli breakfast is included in all hotels (see a representative picture), and wifi is also always included.
  • Tents: Apart from the main near-campus hotel, students will stay over at a Kibbutz in the middle of the desert (generating its energy from solar panels)

Host University or Organization

BGU is one of Israel’s leading research universities. It was established with the aim to spearhead the development of the Negev, a desert area comprising more than sixty percent of the country. The university was inspired by the vision of Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion, who believed that the future of the country depends on the development of this region. BGU is among the world leaders in many research fields (e.g., engineering, sustainability, computer sciences, arid-zone and water research, economics, psychology) and a socially conscious and community engaged institution. It includes about 19,000 students

Faculty Advisor