Le Rire est le Propre de l'Homme (Laughter is the core of Mankind) - Rabelais, 16th century.
Rabelais, great philosopher and humanist, understood that laughter is an essential component in human nature. Had he been living today as a movie director, he would certainly make comedies. Comedy is also a refection of one's culture. What makes French people laugh will not necessarily make american people to laugh, as laughter is very much intertwined in the culture. This is the objective of this dialogue: to give students the opportunity to explore and to have a better understanding of French culture through the viewing of French movie comedies. Students will see a total of 8 comedies. Each one will be followed by a conference during which we will examine and discuss various points in the movie that are particularly tied to the culture.

All places have been chosen in light of this program's goals. Visits to places such as the Museum of the freres lumieres in Lyon, the national museum of cinema in torino italy, and the Museum of Charlie Chaplin in vevey, switzerland. Next to this, they will have the opportunity to visit the united nations in geneva, yvoire, a medieval town on the lake of geneva, and 3 medieval castles among them, the famous chateau de chillon. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to enjoy the festival of animation, a worldwide known festival.

Group Flight Plan:

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  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2019
  • Application Extension Deadline: January 22, 2019
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    • What are your personal and academic reasons for wishing to participate in this Dialogue of Civilizations program?
    • How will the program further your academic and career goals?
    • What is your previous travel and language experience, if any?
    • What courses have you taken which are directly relevant to the program?
    • What interest you the most in French culture?

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Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.50
  • Minimum Semesters: Minimum of 2 completed Northeastern semesters at the time of program start date. NUin students are eligible to apply. Transfer and Global Pathways students contact GEO program coordinator for eligibility.
  • Restricted to: Students that have taken FRNH 1102 (or its equivalent) or higher
Other Requirements
  • Possible Student Challenges: The only challenges I think students may have are the cultural differences. Students may need to adjust to French behavior and way of interacting.


The goals of this program is to give students the opportunity to explore French culture via the viewing of comedies. It will allow to contrast and compare with their own culture. Thus, giving them a better feel of their own culture as well as a deeper immersion into French culture. Indeed, to understand another culture, one has to be in it, and to understand one ‘s own culture, one has to be removed from it. So, by the end of my program, students will have a better understanding of both, their own culture as well as that of France. The goal is also to give students an understanding of cultures in general and to accept differences no matter if we like them or not. Next to 80 hours of french classes, students will have the opportunities to enhance their educational path in participating in various activities provided by the school and my cultural program.

Students are requested to interact with the local people. In that regards, some assignments will target this interaction. Ex: students will be given various questions that they will have to ask to people randomly in the streets. They will have to ask the same questions to a young male and female, a middle age male and female, and an older male and female. Results of these questions will be discussed in class. This is just an example of one assignment. All assignment are made to encourage students to interact with local people.

Students are required to take:
  • CLTR 4944 - Cultural Engagement Abroad: Exploring French Culture through Movie Comedy : Designed for a language-based Dialogue of Civilizations. Complements the intensive language course that students take while on a language-based Dialogue. Offers students an opportunity to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary culture(s) of the country of the Dialogue and how that culture differs from or is similar to contemporary American cultural values and practices. In addition to regular in-class lectures and activities, offers structured opportunities to engage in dialogue with businesspeople, scholars, educators, artists, government officials, journalists, students, senior citizens, and/or local residents about their perspectives on various topics and issues. May be repeated up to 3 times.
Students will choose one of the following:
  • FRNH2900 - Specialized Instruction in French : Designed for students who are in a French-speaking country, this is an off-campus immersion course. Offers students an opportunity to continue to develop grammatical and conversational competence. Focuses on oral and aural skills that are enhanced by the immersion environment.
  • FRNH 3900 - Specialized Instruction in French : Designed for individuals whose language skills are at an advanced level and who seek specially focused language instruction. Such instruction might be the use of the language in specific settings, or it might be focused on specific conversational nuances of the language. Requires at least an advanced level of competence in the language. May be repeated without limit.


Northeastern Tuition: $12,613
Dialogue of Civilizations Fee: $1,750
  • Northeastern Tuition and DOC Fee Includes: 8 Northeastern credits, international roundtrip airfare from Boston, accommodations for program duration, international security and emergency support, and program related expenses (local transportation, field trips, excursions and group meals)

Additional Estimated Expenses: $1,647
  • Students should anticipate spending the following out of pocket expenses during the program:  $1,314 on meals and $333 on incidentals.

GEO offers scholarships and grants for students studying abroad on Dialogue of Civilizations programs. Please visit our Scholarships page for more info!


Additional Resources


Annecy is located at the foot of the alps. The famous lake of Annecy is one of the purest of western europe. Annecy offers many outdoors activities including hiking, sailing, riding etc.The medieval town has been voted the prettiest city of France for the past 15 years or so. It is about 40 minutes drive from Geneva, Switzerland, 2 hours away from Lyon, and 90 minutes from Grenoble.


  • Hotel in Paris: In Paris, students will reside at Ibis hotel. This hotel is located porte bagnolet, less than 5 minutes walk to the subway and 3 minutes away from a huge commercial center with a hypermarket, where students can purchase items and food at a very low cost. This hotel provides a lavish continental breakfast. Room are spacious and very clean.
  • Homestay: In Annecy, students will reside with family hosts. Each student is place in a family carefully chosen in accordance with the student preferences and needs.These host family are located in the center of annecy and in its vicinity. Students who are placed in home away from the center are provided by the school round trip bus tickets 5 days a week. These buses are very clean and comfortable. They run often throughout the days.

Host University or Organization

School of IFALPES located in Annecy is the only on-site support that the program need. The school provides French courses for the students but also offers cultural activities.This school is fully accredited and has been offering french courses to students all over the world for the past 20 years or so. Its location is in the very center of Annecy, next to the train station. 10 to 15 minutes walk to the lake.

Faculty Advisor