The housing options vary each semester depending on availability. There are, however, numerous housing options, both on- and off- campus, available to international students. Please review the information below as you consider your time in Boston.

On-campus housing is not guaranteed for exchange students, and is based on a competitive lottery. To be considered for placement in on-campus housing, you must select interest in on-campus housing in your application to the exchange program. Not all students who indicated they are interested in living on campus will be selected for this, as there is a lottery system for the limited spots available.

That said, we encourage students to consider living on-campus, as it is a unique part of the American collegiate experience. Residence hall applications will be provided to those who have indicated interest in on-campus housing and have been chosen as part of the lottery, and should be submitted as soon as possible.

Housing applications received after the application deadline are at risk of not being accommodated. It is typical in American residence halls to share a room or bathroom with others. Most on-campus accommodation for incoming exchange students are double rooms, with a shared bathroom. Depending on your housing assignment, you may or may not be required to purchase a meal plan based on kitchen(ette) accessibility. The automatic number of meals per week on the meal plan is 15, however many exchange students opt for a smaller plan of only 10 meals per week so that they can explore the different restaurant offerings Boston has! Students who are not required to purchase a meal plan, but wish to do so can opt-in to one of the options offered by NU Dining Services.

GRADUATE (MASTER'S) STUDENTS: On campus accommodation for graduate students is not available for graduate (master's) exchange students.


Off Campus Housing and Support Services is here to help guide you through the process of finding housing. Review their International Student page, Get Started page, Boston Area Housing page, watch their off-campus video series, and download the International Student Apartment Guide. Wait until you arrive in Boston to secure an apartment and make payments. Read more about avoiding scams here. Arrive early to give yourself time to find an apartment. Secure temporary housing from your home country so you have a place to stay when you arrive and while you look for housing.

Temporary Accommodations

Students who arrive in Boston before on-campus housing begins or securing leased accommodations off-campus will need to find short term / temporary accommodations.