Happy Local Apparent Thanksgiving!

• from Intern

In case you’re wondering why there was no mention of Thanksgiving last Thursday, it’s because we’re celebrating today instead. With all the galley preparations that needed to happen, it was much easier to coordinate everything on a Sunday when there’s no formal class to break up the afternoon. Watch rotations never stop though, so even Thanksgiving dinner is served twice to get everyone fed. There was one change for the special day: the first seating of dinner started at 1800 instead of 1820 to give us a little more time to enjoy the food and fellowship. At the moment I’m sitting in the main salon, enjoying the lull before B Watch gets off watch and comes to dinner.

I always love being in unique places on holidays because every subsequent time that holiday rolls around is a chance to look back on where I was in years past. This is definitely the farthest afield I’ve ever been on
Thanksgiving, and I know the memory will make me smile for years to come. A Watch was on morning watch today and I was in lab, so I spent the first part of my day working on our morning science station. Deploying oceanographic equipment off the side of a ship in the middle of the tropical Atlantic is quite a change from Thanksgivings past, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in the future.