Greece Journalism Dialogue wins two student Emmys, nominated for a New England Emmy.

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Congratulations to Carlene Hempel and her students, whose Dialogue of Civilizations program titled Refugee Crisis In Greece produced two Student Emmys and is nominated for a New England Emmy. Students won TOP PRIZE for GENERAL ASSIGNMENT – SERIOUS NEWS for the Syrian refugee package.  They also won an honorable mention for SHORT-FORM, NON-FICTION.Congratulations to Ellie Williams (Reporter), Suma Hussien (Photographer) and Olivia Arnold (Reporter).


Students work for the half-hour Chronicle television episode that aired in September on WCVB has also been nominated for a New England Emmy.

Take a look at how LGBT people of color are susceptible to heightened forms of discrimination, exclusion, and violence being members of two minority groups. Also see how mainstream advocacy groups, like the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights & Economic Justice are working with these individuals to understand how double discrimination is negatively affecting them. Plus, Moya Bailey of Northeastern University discusses the need for digital safe havens.

"These awards and nominations speak to the importance of the Dialogue work we all do, and the exposure it gives to our students to do impactful work. Thanks for your help along the way." - Carlene Hempel, Dialogue Faculty Lead.